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What is Human Optimization? An Introduction

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Human performance optimization, also referred to as biohacking, sees the body as a holistic system. It improves it for optimal well-being. This can only be achieved if the body is in balance.

A professional biohacker uses common sense to combine

  • the best technology with
  • nature`s laws to get his or her personal performance on a new level. 

Therefore, we introduce you to cutting-edge technology and fully customized programs. Our state-of-the-art service helps you to perform at your optimum level, prevent burnout and preventable diseases.

Our personal approach puts you in the center. Not the technology that we think you should use. The reason is that optimal athletic and/or professional performance also requires emotional balance and stability. This is why we focus to help you to discover where you can improve and what the right steps might be for you.

Improve Human Optimization

Are you recovering from a disease or injury? Or are you training for an event? Maybe you are a therapist or club looking for new ideas. Let us help you to discover where you can grow.

Our ideas and products will get your body in more balance and help you reach your goals. In addition, we guide you through proper nutrition that will make a difference to your everyday life! 

Our personal, science-backed and common sense approach will help you to become a better version of yourself! You will what you can be!

Human Optimization Technologies

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Pro-me Health 

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Antje Diana Baumgarten

Antje Diana Baumgarten

I believe that the things we do and the products we use determine our lifestyle. Whether your ultimate goal is to optimize your health, fitness or well-being. I introduce you to content that has the true potential to make a significant difference to how we live, love, perform, learn, look, exercise, travel, relax, sleep, work and more.

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