What is a family office concierge

What Is a Family Office Concierge?

A family office concierge serves a family beyond all their financial needs. Luxury concierge services include:

  • Organizing luxury lifestyle experiences like a golf trip around the world.
  • Luxury travel options including special services for minors and handicapped.
  • Private boxes
  • Private jet coordination
  • Coordinated home service options like staff and relocation services
  • Planning and supervising caregiving options for kids and seniors
  • Managing multiple residences
  • Private health services like executive health services

When should you hire a family office concierge?

In a busy world care is essential for high performance. No matter if you need to coordinate your household, travel plans or be a caregiver for your aging parents. You will probably not be able to search the best retirement residence for your parents or organize their medical needs. Time and the need to focus on business are the most common reasons why people reach out to a family office concierge. It can also be an expression of love.

Advantages of hiring a family office concierge?

A family concierge is very well connected and knows how to set up a healthy infrastructure that improves family happiness. Getting expertise is the main advantage of hiring a family office concierge. 

What Is a good example for a family office concierge service?

Eldercare is a perfect example for a family concierge service. A luxury family concierge service can assist an aging person along the way with setting up a healthy aging infrastructure. This includes:

  • Check and understand healthcare insurance
  • Analyze healthcare needs
  • Coordinate regular healthcare like bone density tests
  • Set up emergency plan
  • Organize healthcare staff
  • Find and organize retirement home options – if necessary 
  • Help maintaining home and household 
  • Set up aging in place technology
  • Help remodel or downsize the home
  • Ensure safety/security at home
  • Establish well-being including exercise, nutrition and social activities

What does a family office concierge cost?

Most family office concierges charge by the hour between $300-1000. Others work with a monthly retainer or fee for a day. Because the services are very unique, pricing is negotiable.

Is it difficult to find a family office concierge?

Family concierge services are rare to find. Luckily, most of them work virtually and are therefore able to assist you worldwide.

Need help to find a family office concierge?

Give us a call (239 224 2373) or send an email: healthylifestlyeflorida@gmail.com. We love to hear from you.

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