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Understanding Introverts – Secrets That Make Life Easier

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A Guide For Friends And Lovers 

Understanding introverts can be very hard. Especially, if you don`t even know that your loved one is an introvert. But understanding an introvert is much simpler than you think! But knowledge is the key to a lasting and successful relationship!

Understanding Introverts Step 1 – What Is An Introvert?

A common definition of an introvert is someone who benefits from solitude in quiet, minimally stimulating environments. On the other hand introverted people  feel drained by high energy people and large crowds. This is mainly because introverts’ brains respond to dopamine differently than extroverts’ brains. 

It is important to understand that most people are not just introverts. This means, most of are seventy percent introverted and thirty percent extroverted. Interestingly, this can change over time.

Introverts have a few personality traits that make them pretty unique. Knowing them will help you to get along with your loved one much easier.

  • Introverts tend to think before we speak
  • They are very observant. Therefore introverted people notice things others would miss.
  • An introverted person needs trusting relationships
  • Introverts are often empaths
  • They have a great level of reflection.
  • Introverted people are usually very sensitive.
  • Introverts don’t need to be the center of attention
  • They don’t like to talk about ourselves
  • An introverted person isn`t necessarily shy
  • Be alone all the time is not what they want
  • Taking things slow really matters

Understanding Introverts Step 2 – How To Be Friends With An Introvert

Friendships between extroverts are different.  Extroverted people tend to like similar things. Whereas introverts can only be integrated if you understand their needs. Furthermore, they might appear a little boring but if you find the right button, introverts can go through the roof like everyone else! Here is an overview of what introverts are like.

  • They Go to bed early. Consider that in your plans
  • Introverted people need peace and solitude. They cannot spend every minute with you.
  • Compared to extroverts, they love one-on-one or small groups.
  • They have many questions and can appear intense. Be prepared.
  • Introverts like to connect and build long-term friendships.
  • Loyalty is of of their biggest qualities.
  • Atmosphere is crucial to open up. It makes introverts feel comfortable and valued.

How to get us into the right mood

There are two things you can try to get us to join your exciting lifestyle. First of all, we need to be in a very relaxed moon. This is usually the case after a good sleep and a few days of solitude. Secondly, you need to give us the feeling that it is very important for you that we are adventurous together. 

How to communicate with an introvert

Because we are quiet and thoughtful, we prefer a certain way of communication. Extroverts tend to speak out what comes to their minds. We tend to observe and listen for a while before we speak out what matters to us. If you need some ideas to improve the communication with us, 

 Here are some suggestions you might find beneficial. 


  • Speak slowly
  • Try to Focus on what you want to say. 
  • Try to leave your emotions at home. They disturb us.
  • Be an active listener.
  • Don`t waste our time with irrelevant information.
  • Expect  an answer. If you only want to talk, let us know in advance.

Understanding Introverts Step 3: Dating An Introvert

Have you ever asked yourself what it might be like to date an introvert? Here is a quick guide on how to date an Introvert when you’re an extrovert.

First of all, introverts make good partners for extroverts. The main reason is that each person supplies something the other person might lack. This is called a complementary relationship. Very often extroverts even feel inner peace in the presence of an introvert. They also benefit from the observing and listening skills of their partner.

Secondly, extroverts need partners who let them enjoy being the center of attention. As long as the introvert doesn`t need to be constantly part of it, this could turn into an extremely successful relationship. 

A very famous example for this kind of relationship are Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt. She mainly focused on her own priorities as a UN delegate, human rights activist,teacher and lecturer. Franklin, who was the longest serving president ever, was the extrovert like most politicians.

What are some good date activities for introverts?

  • Dinner dates
  • Cooking together
  • Going to a concert 
  • Going to a sports event together

How to make an introvert miss you

  • Listen actively
  • Accept your partner’s needs without feeling responsible for them
  • Show them love
  • Learn their love language
  • Take care of your own needs
  • Be calm 

How do you tell your introverted partner you want them to open up?

  • Tell them how much you care
  • Tell them you want to get to get to know them even more
  • Talk in a moment of peace and one-to-one time
  • Look into their eyes
  • Ask them how you can make them happy

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Be aware: They become increasingly more romantic as time goes on.

How to make an introverted feel loved

  • Give their needs the same priority as yours
  • Accept that they need to care for their needs the same way you need to take care of yours.
  • Make one-on-one time with you a regular activity
  • Recognize that when introverts are stressed or tired they need extra support and rest
  • Integrate them into your plans. They like to mentally prepare going out.
  • Don’t take their need for alone time personally
  • Be prepared to keep on doing things on your own

A Word From healthylifestyleflorida.com

Understanding introverts can be the key to a much better and more successful relationship. Furthermore, it helps us to increase happiness in our lives. Get inspired by some of the ideas presented above. We bet – you will love what you can be.

“It is never about what you know, it is what you do with what you know that makes the difference.”

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