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Top 10 Emotional Signs You Need To Retire

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Are you asking yourself if you are ready to start retirement? There are 10 emotional signs that indicate you need to retire. 

  1. Feeling trapped – Need for freedom

Many elder employees feel trapped as they feel the need to decide what to do with their remaining life time.

  1. Exhaustion – wanting longer vacation and more sleep

As aches and pains get stronger, people often feel the need to slow down and get more breaks for recovery.

  1. Depressed – spending too much time working

After many years of working, many feel depressed by looking at the office walls, faces of colleagues or customers or staring at the screen.

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  1. Feeling you want to spend more time at home

An important emotional sign you need to retire is when your body indicates to you to spend more time at home. This indicates that it might be time to move on in your life.

  1. Fear – not having enough time for your relationship
  1. Fear – not having enough time to do all the things on your bucket list.

Feeling scared to not have enough time left is very common. This emotion is a very strong emotional sign you need to retire as no one knows how much lifetime we have left.

  1. Exhaustion – Commuting wears you out

Having commuted for many years can be very exhausting. Instead, people want to have a relaxed start into the stay and remain home.

  1. Feeling annoyed – when listening to young and less experienced colleagues 
  1. Getting drained when trying to solve your customer`s problems

At one stage many employees start to feel drained having to solve their customer`s problems. Instead they feel the need to spend more time with their own issues.

  1. Anger – that you carry too much responsibility

A super important emotional sign you need to retire is a high level of anger. This occurs when employees feel that they have been carrying too much responsibility for a long time.

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10 Emotional Signs You Need To Retire – Start the Process

Focusing on your emotional signs is a great start to do  some emotional retirement planning. The reason is that there are six emotional stages of retirement that most people will go through. So to prevent to regret the decision having retired too early for example and feeling a lack of purpose, bored and useless, you can ask yourself what really matters to you in life and how to spend your golden years in a happy and healthy way.

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