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Toll To Sanibel Island

Toll to Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island tolls can be a bad surprise at the end of your vacation period. Check here on how you can cut tolls in half! 

With the beginning of the pandemic Lee County started to charge Sanibel Causeway tolls electronically. This meant that you didn’t need cash and there was no need for a time consuming stop. Personally, I loved chatting to the nice lady in the booth. She marked the beginning of paradise. In addition, paying cash was cheaper. There were an no administrative charges.

Getting to Captiva Island is now a little quicker, even if it comes with a slight cost increase. Cash payments are no longer an option at the Sanibel Causeway Toll. Each car crossing the bridge will automatically get charged electronically. Which means you no longer wait in line to pay at the booth in cash. Now, you keep driving straight to paradise and pay later. 

Toll To Sanibel Causeway  – $9+ Charge Per Trip

The basic  toll to Sanibel Causeway for most passenger vehicles is still $6. But as of Oct. 1, 2021, vehicles crossing the bridge to Sanibel without an eligible transponder will be charged an additional $3 administrative fee. The Lee County fee was waived at the beginning of the pandemic.  But now gets added on top of the Sanibel Island tolls. The owner of the vehicle will find a bill in the mailbox with the Sanibel Causeway toll.

Surcharges In Addition to $9 Toll on The Sanibel Causeway

You would think that $9 to cross the Sanibel bridge is already a lot of money. But the toll to Sanibel Island can get even more expensive if you rent a car at RSW. The main reason is that there is no public transportation on Sanibel Island and taxis can be difficult to get. But what does this mean for your toll to Sanibel Causeway?  You will certainly have to pay $9 to cross the causeway. In addition, you are likely to be charged with an extra administrative fee by your rental car agency.

Toll to Sanibel Island – Rental Car Extra Charges

Here are the RSW rental car options, along with their listed convenience charge for tolls. 

Alamo:  $3.95 – $4.95 per usage day, not to exceed $30 per rental period.

Avis: charge a $5.95 daily fee for every day you use a toll up to a $29.75 maximum per rental—plus the tolls, of course.

Budget: Budget will charge a $5.95 daily fee for every day you use a toll up to a $29.75 maximum per rental—plus the tolls for the Sanibel causeway.

Dollar/Dollar: If you decline the optional PlatePass All-Inclusive service at the start of the rental period, but still use electronic toll roads and/or bridges during the rental period $9.99 administrative fee or each toll (subject to a $90.00 cap for such toll-related administrative fees for the rental period) 

Enterprise: $3.95 – $4.95 per usage day, not to exceed $35 per rental period.

Hertz: You will be charged for each toll at the highest. An undiscounted toll rate plus a $5.95 convenience fee for each calendar day when tolls are incurred. There is no maximum PlatePass convenience fee.

National: $3.95 – $4.95 per usage day, not to exceed $30 per rental period.

Payless Car Rental: “e-Toll fees (Standard):  If you use the e-Toll service at any time during your rental, you agree to pay a convenience fee of $6.95 for each day on which you incur a toll ( maximum amount of $34.75 per rental period). In addition, you will pay all tolls incurred at the maximum prevailing non-discounted or cash rates posted by the toll authority.  e-Toll Unlimited:  Payless  also offers e-Toll Unlimited, which includes the cost of tolls and convenience fees.  If you choose e-Toll Unlimited, you agree to pay a flat daily fee of $10.99 -$25.99. Depending on checkout location, for each day of the rental period, regardless of whether or not you incur any tolls, up to a maximum of $54.95 – $129.95 per week.  (must be selected at the time you reserve or check out your vehicle, otherwise you agree to standard e-Toll fee)

Sixt: Sixt explicitly welcomes renters to use their own transponders during their rentals. If you choose to not take advantage of the Sixt Toll Packages, you will be billed for the cost of every toll the vehicle went through for the rental period. In addition, there is a per-toll administrative fee of $5.

Toll To Sanibel Island – Rental Car Agencies Can Add up to 50 Percent Fees

Do you not own your own transponder? Then, you need to calculate a total charge between $12.95 and $15.95 for the toll to Sanibel Island. And the final charge will often be billed weeks later.

Reduce Your Toll to Sanibel Island 

Bring or Get a E-Pass Uni

An easy way to avoid extra charge is to bring your E-ZPass transponder, if you have one. If you own a Uni, you could move it to the rental car provided that you inform the rental car agency that you’re using it in its vehicle. The rental vehicle and the vehicle from which you’re transferring the E-PASS must be the same class (e.g., two axles). You also must update your account information with the rental vehicle’s license plate number.

If you are a regular visitor to Lee County and cross the Sanibel Causeway and other Lee County toll bridges often, you can also get your own Lee County transponder or use (FL) SunPass or (FL) E-Pass

Use SunPass for Your Rental car to Reduce Sanibel Causeway Toll 

Customers with SunPass Portable transponders may use them in a rental vehicle and can have their tolls applied to their account. It is strongly recommended that SunPass customers access their accounts to add a rental vehicle for the rental period. This is a great way to cut your Sanibel Causeway toll charge in half. And that’s enough savings to get an extra breakfast on Sanibel or Captiva Island.

Rent Your Car at Orlando International Airport 

Another way to reduce the toll to Sanibel Island is by flying into Orlando airport if this is a durable option for you. Try the Central Florida Expressway Authority  new automated toll payment solution, Visitor Toll Pass™, for select visitors to Florida renting a car from the Orlando International Airport. Visitor Toll Pass™ is a hangtag that drivers place on the rearview mirror of a rental vehicle – allowing them to pay tolls electronically at the lowest toll rate without incurring any additional fees charged by rental car toll payment programs. Visitor Toll Pass™ is free to use and works on all toll roads throughout the entire state of Florida.

Reasons to Get a TollPass in Florida

If you stay a little longer you might consider traveling through Florida. We highly recommend a visit to Ocala Springs or a trip to Miami. This is when you really benefit from a tollpass  any type. The reason is that some roads especially in the busy Orlando can only be used with a TollPass. To avoid traffic you want to make sure to get yourself a pass ahead of time and also save on tolls! 

A Word from healthylifestyleflorida.com

Sanibel Causeway tolls can add up quickly. Also you’ll only be charged for entering the islands, not leaving them, you might want to stay local for most activities like massages, hair or beauty treatments or a quick trip to the grocery store.

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