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Empathetic Questions To Ask A Job Interviewer

empathetic questions to ask a job interviewer

Are you looking for empathetic questions to ask during a job interview? Thus you want to be prepared. Check your values first and be sure what matters to you. 

Here are five questions to determine how empathetic an employer is.

Prosocial Behavior

Science has proven that teams that care about each other are far more successful. Therefore make sure to ask the job interviewer. Because you want to know if your employer cherish this kind of culture.


Many companies try to incentivize their team members with wellness. For example, massages, acupuncture or a gym membership. But an employer that really cares needs to do more. The reason is that not all of us want those kinds of benefits. Because what matters is that an employer should signal about our well-being in everyday life. Make sure you ask: Does the company supply free mineral water or healthy snacks? How many hours does the company consider as healthy? Do they pay for regular health checkups?

Flexible Working-Hours

Having a bad night’s sleep, an appointment at the doctor or garage. There are many reasons why flexibility is simply a life quality. Even in organizations with certain open hours a switch with colleagues should always be possible and appreciated. Therefore make sure to check if your potential employer is interested in valuing your needs.

Helping You to Grow

Most of us are ready to learn and improve. But we need someone to help us. Does your employee help you to create a profile about your strengths and weaknesses? Are you encouraged to do regular self assessment? Furthermore, is there any data to support you in this process?

Openness to Employee Feedback

As Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman points out in his bestseller “Thinking, Fast and Slow: effective organizations are not only enforcing the application of good checklists or reference-class forecasting, they also “encourage a culture in which people watch out for one another as they approach minefields. They are highly motivated to apply techniques like the famous Pre-Mortem.”  A boss with good social skills has the ability to integrate all relevant team members into important decisions.

Growing as an Organization

Good organizations not only create profiles of strength and weaknesses for their employees but also for the company itself. Understanding what makes a company successful and what weakens is one component that will determine the long term success of a business.

Be savvy –  Be smart – Find an Empathetic Employer

 According to a Deloitte study soft skill-intensive occupations will account for two-thirds of all jobs by 2030. Therefore, we should get ready and start building our set of soft skills. Furthermore, we need to find an employer who already signals that the company gets prepared as well. Have the courage to ask empathetic questions that matter to you. 

Get started today – You will love what you can be.

Antje Diana Baumgarten

Antje Diana Baumgarten

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