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Silver Glen Springs – Ultimate Guide

Silver Glen Springs Florida

Silver Glen Springs is one of Florida’s best known springs and a wilderness setting near Ocala. It is very popular for refreshing swimming in summer because of its constant 73°F crystal-clear water. 

What is unique about Silver Glen Springs?

  • The water quality: flowing from the spring has been one of the best in ecological quality from among Florida’s 600 springs. The water coming from the vents is high quality but the quality changes as the water flows into the spring run. 
  • Manatee refuge: Already designated as critical habitat for the manatee, the spring and run have the potential to serve as a major manatee refuge. However, manatee use has been limited due to a high degree of human activity and damage to aquatic vegetation.
  • Outstanding archaeological site: Silver Glen Springs is edged by ancient middens thick with fossilized snail shells. Its deep sinkhole-shaped vent blows these iridescent fossil snail shells upward.
  •  Historic Native Americans site

What to do at Silver Glen Springs


If you are lucky you might see large schools of striped bass travel from the lake to the headspring. In addition, tilapia can be seen going to the spring and building nests. Furthermore, mullet can be seen as well.


Snorkelers can see saltwater and freshwater fish in the same headspring pool.


No motorized boats are allowed. But you can launch  a kayak or canoe below the spring boils. Rentals are also available from the concessionaire. 

Current rentals cost $20-45 plus a $20 deposit. There is no launch fee to launch your own.


Swimming is by far the most popular activity at Silver Glen Springs especially in hot Floridian summers.


Please note that biking is not permitted


Is hiking part of your healthy lifestyle? Then you will enjoy the trails at Silver Glen Springs. There are two very interesting day hikes within Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area. Please check here to make sure they are open.

Spring Boils Trail

This is a very easy and short half mile round-trip circle. You will pass the main spring basin and get a glimpse of the forest to see the bubbling sand boils  where water bubbles up through the sand. According to wikipedia “sand boils or sand volcanoes occur when water under pressure wells up through a bed of sand.The water looks like it is boiling up from the bed of sand, hence the name

Lake George Trail

This trail is easy to moderate walking. You are basically taking a round-trip along the shoreline of Lake George, one of Florida’s largest lakes. This day hike offers beautiful views of the Lake George and its mind blowing nature. Starting out near the site of the ancient village of the Timucua, the trail works its way through a variety of habitats, coming to an end on a picturesque low bluff with a 3-mile view to the far shore.

Plan your trip to Silver Glen Springs

  • Bring plenty of water and supplies 
  • Arrive early as the recreation site is extremely busy and parking limited. (currently no reservation system available). Furthermore “When Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area reaches capacity, the gate will be shut at that time. If the number of guests decreases, the gate will reopen at 2:00 p.m. to allow in guests. Once capacity is reached with this opening, there will be no more entrees for the remainder of the day.“
  • Buy a fishing license ahead of time if you plan to fish
  • Boating of any kind: check for regulations and safety information here.
  • No overnight camping facilities
  • Please leave your pets at home. They are not permitted.
  • Fees
    • WEEKDAYS: $8 + tax/per-person 
    • WEEKENDS:$11 + tax/per-person
    • Alternative: $72.50+ tax Annual Day Use Pass Available to Purchase On-Site

How to find Silver Glen Springs

Silver Glen Springs is located on the western shore of Lake George. The 7 acre Silver Glen Spring Recreation Area is located on the eastern edge of the Ocala National Forest off State Road 19 approximately 6 miles north of the intersection of State Roads 40 and 19.

Address: 5271 SR 19, Salt Springs

What to know while Spending Time at Silver Glen Springs

  • No diving or SCUBA diving allowed
  • No boats in the swimming area.
  • Pets are not allowed into the Day Use area
  • Wildlife first: Stay within the marked boundaries of the swimming area to prevent harm to important underwater habitats.
  • Be aware of unwanted guests while having your meals: Bears, raccoons and crows are known to steal food (crows also love to take shiny objects left on picnic tables.) Keep an eye on your table when you go swimming!
  • Portable toilets only
  • Changing facilities available
  • 58 Picnic Tables 
  • 30 Pedestal Grills
  • Canoe/Kayak Launching area

A Word from healthylifestyleflorida.com

This spring should be on your Florida bucket list. You will meet many Floridians who come here to escape the humid summer heat. Especially recommended for early birds that love to be active in nature.

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