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Are you looking for self-care gifts? At healthylifestyleflorida we are experts on self-care and wellness. This is why we spent hours of researching self-care gifts that have the potential to make a real difference to people`s well-being.

What is Self-Care?

At we have a simple and savvy self-care definition. For us self-care is the ability to make ourselves feel better. For example: when our muscles are tight, we know that getting a massage, taking a hot bath, going to the sauna or applying warmth can improve our well-being. 

But self-care includes different areas of life: physical, mental, emotional, financial and social. When we feel better, we are stronger and will perform better in all areas of life! This is the same for everyone. This is why self-care gifts are the best idea to make others feel better.

How to Pick a Self-Care Gift?

Which need do you aim to fulfill with your gift? Better mental health? More relaxation or coziness? Find some inspiration and make an intuitive pick. 

Mental Health Self-Care Gifts

#1 Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s book on grief gives new hope to everyone who is grieving. A classical book that is a sign of hope and a new beginning. A self-care gift that shows how much you care about a grieving person in your life.

#2  Himalayan Salt Lamp

The warm light of this salt lamp gives every room a nice and cozy glow. Especially great during dark and grey winter nights. The switch is dimmable which makes it even cozier at night time.

#3  Electric Heating Pad – Self-Care Gifts

An electric heating pad turns every chair/couch/bed into a cozy and warm space. Even super cold winter nights cannot stop one from feeling warm and taken care of. A small self-care gift that will make a big difference.

#4 Sleep and Relaxation Tea

This tea was made from traditional herbs known to remedy sleeplessness. Made with an emphasis on natural, non-habit forming ingredients. You can expect the best sleep, without worrying about side effects with this perfectly crafted blend; Passion Flower , Chamomile Flower , Lemon Balm , Catnip Herb , Stevia Leaf , Valerian Root Extract , Orange Peel , Natural Flavors.

#5 Light Therapy Lamp

 Try this LED lamp to dispel winter blues, boost your mood, increase energy, relieve anxiety, improve focus, and help establish a healthy sleep routine. Great self-care gift for everyone who is ready to try something new.

#6 Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends

One of the best books for everyone who is grieving after a broken relationship. A self-help book that helps to understand, digest and recover. A self-care gift that is a life saver.

#7 Calm Aromatherapy Oils with Peppermint Oil & Ginger Oil

Calm created this aromatherapy oil with essential oils like Peppermint, Sage, and Ginger. The calm blend will bring comfort, rejuvenation, and mental clarity. Nice little self-care gift that shows how much you care.

#8 Bach Flower Remedies – Self-Care Gifts

In the 1920s, the physician and homeopath Dr. Edward Bach made his great discovery of the healing effects of various flower essences. He describes these as bringing courage to the fearful, peace to the anguished, and strength to the weak. This book gives great inside into Bach Flower Remedies therapy.

#9 Bach Flower Remedy Complete Kit 

This special complete Kit comprises: Boxed Set of 40 Genuine Bach Flower Essence Stock bottles. It has 40 beautifully illustrated Flower Divination Cards and a set of 38 posters with proverbs and positive affirmations. The ultimate set for everyone who likes to get involved with Bach Flower Therapy.

#10 Bach Original Flower Remedies – Clarity of Mind Kit

This set contains three bach flowers for more focus and mindfulness.

WHITE CHESTNUT: Encourages the positive potential to find tranquility and peace of mind

CLEMATIS: Encourages the positive potential to be present and stay focused on the task at hand

SCLERANTHUS: Encourages the positive potential of certainty and decisiveness

#11 Crystal Reiki Healing: The powerhouse therapy for mind, body, and spirit

Leading crystal expert Philip Permutt shows how Reiki healing and crystal therapy can be combined for effective self-healing and improved well-being. Learn how to select and prepare crystals, remove negative energy, such as stress, from the body, and boost the body’s natural self-healing for a range of common health conditions. A mental health self-care gift that introduces us to a different world.

#12 ""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Healing Crystals Kit

The Chakra therapy kit contains healing crystals and stones-7 raw chakra stones, 7 colorful gemstones, amethyst cluster, rose quartz pendulum. All items are hand selected for your best healing practice. Set comes with a Chakra lava essential oil diffuser bracelet. Simply put few drops of your favorite essential oil on the bracelet and enjoy the nice and healing scent.

#13 A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration 

The updated version of A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration gives you the tools and important information you need to become your higher consciousness. This books promises to help with discovering your Soul Gifts and finding your real Soul Purpose and why you incarnated on Earth. A very interesting mental health self-care gift where everyone can find inspiration and a new perspective on their lives.

#14 Yes/No – How to Know What You really Want

This clear and simple book shows you how to use this ‘arm test’ to access instant answers to absolutely anything from your subconscious. Using it will allow you to know what is best for you in any situation – helping you to maintain balance in all areas of your life, from relationships and health to money and career. Takes a little practice. Tested and recommended by

#15 The Wim Hof Method: Activate Your Full Human Potential

Wim Hof has a message for each of us: “You can literally do the impossible. You can overcome disease, improve your mental health and physical performance, and even control your physiology so you can thrive in any stressful situation.” A self-care gift with amazing potential to improve ones mental health and more.

#16 Self-Care Journal – Self-Care Gifts

“This guided journal will help you establish a consistent routine that aligns with your lifestyle and values. You’ll find 75 days’ worth of prompts, exercises, and repeated check-ins so you can track your progress and observe positive changes over time.” A practical self-care gift that helps everyone to learn the skill of self-care.

#17 Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

A Day and Night Reflection Journal offers a space to commit to your self-care routine with intention and dedication—helping you develop positive thinking, overcome challenging and stressful experiences and negative emotions, and cultivate a general sense of well-being and a healthy lifestyle. This 90-day journal gives you a path to creating a habit of regular self-care that you can carry with you throughout your life.”

#18 The Anxiety Check-In – A Guided Journal to Support Your Mental Health

The guided prompts in The Anxiety Check-In ask the simple, honest questions to help sort the thoughts racing through your head. A non-intimidating resource for your mental health, this book will show you how to be happy by covering sections on Wellness, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Love, Self-Awareness.

#19 Mindfulness Coloring Book for Teens & Adults

Coloring is a wonderful activity for relaxation and stress relief. Includes some nice and inspirational quotes.

Self Care Gift Basket

#20 Vanilla Spa Gift Basket – Self-Care Gifts

Inexpensive little spa basket. Contains 3-in-1 Bar Soap, Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Bubble Bath, Shower Gel, Reusable Burlap Linen Bag with Drawstring.

#21 Self-Care/Feel Good Basket

This feel good box includes 1 x Sherpa Fleece Blanket, 1 x Insulated Tumbler, 1 pair of Fuzzy socks, 1 x Silk eye mask, 1 x Greeting Card, and 1 x Cotton Tote Bag. Great gift to show someone how much you care.

#22 Dried Fruit Gift Basket 

This fruit gift basket contains a variety of exotic mango slices, Mediterranean apricots, luscious California yellow peaches, mouth-watering pears, Washington apple wedges, and yummy California dates, tangy kiwi, plums and prunes.

#23 Self-Care Fresh Fruit Basket 

A self-care gift basket that promotes a healthy lifestyle.  Fresh crop whole roasted, salted almonds, and crisp, savory olive oil and sea salt crackers complete the accompaniments in this classic collection making it deal for healthy gourmet gifting.

#24 Bath Bombs Self-Care Gift Basket

12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs. Functional and relaxing to support someone who needs some tender loving care.

#25 Organic Spa Self-Care Gift Basket Coconut Scent 

This self-care gift basket contains 2 ORGANIC Coconut Soaps, Shower Gel(200ml), Bubble Bath(200ml), Body Lotion(200ml), Organic Unrefined Shea Butter(50ml), Massage Oil, 6 Bath Bombs, Plush Towel, Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber and a Brown Wooden Crate for décor and storage.

Luxury Self-Care Gifts

#26 Outdoor Hot Tub For 6 People – Self-Care Gifts

An inflatable hot tub is a one of a kind self-care gift. The reason is that hydrotherapy has many well-being effects. This spa can be used indoors or outdoors and because of its size the entire family can use it together.

#27 Sauna

A sauna is one of the best self-care gifts there is. It is not only a secret of super agers but also great for detoxification and for athletes to improve their performance. There are plenty of benefits for our mental and physical well-being when using the sauna on a regular basis. This top seller sauna is one of our most bought gifts.

#28 Massage Chair

For some people a massage chair recliner is a luxurious piece of furniture. For others it is an important part of their life quality. The reason is that it gives their muscles a deep feeling of relaxation.  A great self-care gift for everyone. I tested this chair myself and was truly surprised how much I enjoyed it.

#29 Foot Spa

A foot massage machine is useful for relieving pain from a variety of causes by relaxing muscle and tendon tension and loosening the fascia of your feet. This self-care gift especially beneficial if you can use it very day. Buying a foot massage machine as a self-care gift it definitely a contribution to everyone`s well-being and relaxation.

#30  Infrared Heating Amethyst Mat

This infrared heating mat provides a soothing environment. It is supposed to help to detoxify body, maintain immune system, metabolism, weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. Use this mat as a part of a self-care, diet, exercises and healthy routine.

Financial Self-Care Gifts

#31 Get Rich, Lucky Bitch: Release Your Money Blocks

In this financial self-care book you’ll learn how to unlock your hidden potential for abundance.  Join a community of women all around the world who are learning to live large and become truly lucky bitches. A great financial self-care gift for every woman.

#32 Get It Together: Organize Your Records So Your Family Won’t Have To

Are your records organized so that your family knows what is going on in case you cannot take care of your affairs? The books assists you with how to best organize your passwords, employment records, insurance policies, real estate records, tax records, retirement accounts and estate planning documents. Organizing your records is a great act of financial self-care.

#33 Bulls and Bears – Strategy Board Game for Families and Teens

This game will help you build and understand what it takes to be financially free. Learn and gain skills on how to manage your assets in the areas of saving, investing, and financial planning. A fun way to improve your financial self-care skills.

#34 Piggy Bank for Adults Stainless Steel

This piggy bank is made of stainless steel material. he money banks are completely closed 6 sides, so the money box can only save money but cannot be taken out, a 5.9-inch Cube money bank can store 700 banknotes. A financial self-care gift that motivates to save.

#35 Rich Dad CASHFLOW Board Game

CASHFLOW was developed by renowned entrepreneur and motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad. This game is the ultimate realization of Robert Kiyosaki’s vision for an interactive tool to teach investing and wealth building. Put your financial skills to the test and learn how to escape the rat race in the comfort of your own home. One of the best financial self-care gifts on the market.

Oral Health Self-Care Gifts

#36  Water Flosser – Self-Care Gifts

Waterpik is clinically proven and the first water flosser brand to earn the American dental association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance. Enjoy healthier gums and brighter teeth in just 1 minute a day. A very thoughtful self-care gift to improve ones oral health.

#37 Teeth Whitening Strip Kit

This teeth whitening strip kit removes 14 years of teeth stains for a whiter smile. It delivers professional-level teeth whitening results and last 12 months and beyond. (Do not use this light device if you have oral cancer, are being treated with photodynamic)

#38 Oral-B Smart Limited Electric Toothbrush, Black

Use the Oral-B App to seamlessly pair your Smart Limited brush with a smartphone and you’re on your way to brushing like your dentist recommends. The Oral-B Smart Limited comes with Position Detection technology which uses Bluetooth technology, your smartphone, and facial recognition technology to provide you with real-time feedback about your brushing habits. A great and unique self-care gift that will be highly appreciated.

#39 Plaque Remover for Teeth – Self-Care Gifts

This professional teeth cleaning kit is an effective and practical solution that provides complete home dental care, without expensive visits to the dentist. A self-care gift that can save money.

#40 Orabrush Tongue Scraper

90 percent of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue. Use Orabrush to clean yours. Orabrush is a dual action tongue cleaner featuring ultra soft micro pointed bristles that reach into the deep crevices of your tongue promote good breath. Designed after a surgeon’s scrub brush, Orabrush’s micro pointed bristles are designed specifically for the tongue. Rather than using a toothbrush or a tongue scraper that only clears and cleans the surface, use Orabrush.

Cozy Self-Care Gifts

#41 Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket

The Comfy Original wearable blanket is the world’s first of its kind letting you stay warm and cozy wherever you are: watching TV, playing video games, working on your laptop, camping, attending a sporting event or concert, & more. Pull your legs into the plush fluffy sherpa to cover yourself completely on the couch, roll the sleeves up to make yourself a snack, & move around freely while taking your warmth wherever you go. Great self-care gift for everyone who tends to freeze or likes it super cozy.

#42 UGG Women’s Cozy Chenille Sock

Add some warmth and comfort to her life! These socks are a super simple way of self-care. The reason is that warm feet are super important for your overall health.

#43 Cup Cozy Pillow – Self-Care Gifts

This cup cozy pillow is a great gift. You can Keep Your Drinks Close and Prevent Spills. Use it Anywhere-Couch, Floor, Bed, Man cave, car, RV, Park, Beach and More! Never worry about having to clean up spills anymore.

Self-Care Massage Gifts

#44  Massage Gun – Self-Care Gifts

With a massage gun, one can effectively relieve muscle fatigue and pain, promote blood circulation and relieve lactic acid. This self-care gift lets you enjoy the comfortable experience brought by deep tissue massage gun.

#45 Back and Neck Massager

The Selfie Massager is the ideal muscle massage tool for bringing relief to a patch of muscles in spasm (knots) or trigger points. By applying pressure to the affected muscle patch, blood circulation is stimulated bringing in more oxygen and nutrients for faster muscle relief and recovery. 

#46 Massage Ball Kit for Myofascial Trigger Point Release & Deep Tissue Massage 

Exercises using these massage balls can help you to increase blood flow and tissue hydration, relieve knots & tightness, alleviate muscle pain, improve athletic performance, recover sore muscles, increase flexibility and greater range of motion. They are most ideal tools for pre & post workout in yoga, tennis and crossfit. A self-care gift that is especially great for sporty people.

#47 Neck Massager with Heat

Soothing heat therapy & 3 intensity levels: Heating on massage rollers give your body warmth and improve your blood circulation while relaxing tense muscles. Great self-care gift for everyone who has tense neck muscles.

#48 Massage Chair Pad – Self-Care Gifts

Shiatsu Back Massager :4 deep kneading massage nodes travel up and down relaxing your entire back. 3 massage Massage Zones for your choices: Full back,Upper back,Lower back. Great value for money compared to any local massage therapy.

#49 Foot Spa with Vibration

This foot spa combines heating therapy, oxygen bubbles massage and high-frequency vibration massage. It effectively promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism, relieves fatigue, and stimulates the meridians (Qi system). A very relaxing and soothing self-care hydrotherapy gift.

#50  Electric Hand Massager with Compression

This hand massager helps you to get rid of finger numbness, joint pain, relieve arthritis or carpal tunnel pain, and relax your hand after a long day at work. Amazing self-care gift that includes an innovative, life-enhancing factor.

Detox Self-Care Gifts

#51 All Natural Ingredients Foot Pads

All Natural Foot Pads – With premium natural ingredients. You get a gentle and highly effective process for enhancing your sleep quality. This is what you need to recover from a poor diet, environmental pollution, and the stresses of modern life. Also helps eliminate troubling foot odor for greater self-confidence. A self-care gift for everyone who loves to detox or improve foot health.

#52 Detox Face Mask

This moisturizing Green Tea facial mask “draws out toxins and cleans clogged pores of excess oils and dirt, and so can help reduce acne and pull out blackheads. All the while replacing that with healthy, natural vitamins and minerals that our skin loves. The detox mask contains Lemongrass which helps balance out the drying effects of typical clay masks leaving your skin feeling hydrated, soft, clean and renewed.”

#53 Detox Pads – Complexion Perfecting Face Pads

Great self-care detox product that is known to make skin tighter and younger looking. Also helps to get cleaner skin.

#54 Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins

 This patented vitamin formula contains essential Vitamins B9 and B12 to help support cellular energy production, immune function, heart health, healthy nutrient metabolism, a healthy nervous system and overall health and well-being.

#55 Ultimate Body Detox

This detox helps remove toxins and waste pounds by thoroughly cleansing colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, and other organs. Great detox self-care gift for everyone who wants to support her or his well-being.

#56 Organics Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion root tea is formulated from raw ingredients to preserve beneficial enzymes and help improve the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals. Its detoxifying properties can help promote stable blood pressure, sugar levels, and improve well-being.

#57 Silicea Hair, Skin and Nails

Silica occurs naturally in our bodies. It support connective tissue, strengthening hair, skin and nails from the inside out.

Natural Self-Care Gifts

#58 Honey Self-Care Gift

This natural self-care gift set contains Buckwheat, Wildflower and Blueberry honey.The honey is unfiltered and therefore contains many natural ingredients.

#59 Multifloral Raw Mānuka Honey – Authentic Non-GMO New Zealand Honey

AUTHENTIC RAW MANUKA HONEY: With its medicinal properties and health benefits, Manukora MGO 50+ multifloral, non-GMO Mānuka honey is nature’s greatest gift to support everyday wellness. Use in meals, smoothies and hot beverages like tea. It is certified to contain at least 50 mg/kg of dietary methylglyoxal.

#60 Arabica Coffee Scrub – All Natural Body Scrub for Skin Care

Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee Scrub is natural and specifically formulated for cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins, acne, age spots & eczema with caffeine from only the best Arabica beans; blended together with highly moisturizing, regenerating & exfoliating oils & salts. Great self-care gift for better skin care.

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Did you know that giving makes us happy? Why not order a little self-care gift today? Have the courage to spread happiness. 

You will love what you can be.

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