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Sanibel Island Beach Parking Permits

sanibel island beach broadwalk

Sanibel Island Beach parking can get expensive for regular visitors. No matter if you are a local resident or off-island guest. The City of Sanibel has taken your need into consideration and issues parking permits

When to Get A beach Parking Permit on Sanibel Island

Annual beach parking permits are on sale in November at the Sanibel Rec Center.

Who Can Get A Parking Permit on Sanibel? 

The City of Sanibel issues two groups of permits which are A and B. Permit A is for locals and Permit B is for guests and non-residents. (Permit C is needed to access the boat ramp beside the Sanibel Causeway.) The city also makes a difference between permanent residents who own property owners/taxpayers. Check the current application here for more details.

Where to Get A Beach Parking Permit on Sanibel? 

The permits are available at Sanibel Recreation Center, 3880 SanibelCaptiva Road during regular hours.

Why To Get A Sanibel Island Parking Permit

Certain beach areas of the island are restricted to local residents only. This means that one needs to obtain a permit A to access/park at certain areas. Therefore residents can stay away from the crowds and enjoy less crowded beach areas.

Turner Beach facing South

Sanibel Resident Permit A only Sanibel Beach Access

The following beach access points allow A permits only. (Marked pink on the map)

  • Seagrape Lane (gulf and bay side)
  • Buttonwood Lane (gulf and bay side)
  • East Gulf at Colony
  • West Gulf Drive Beach Access #1 through #7
  • Bay Drive

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Sanibel Resident Permit A and B only Sanibel Beach Access 


  • Beach Road
  • Nerita Street
  • Donax Street
  • Fulgur Street
  • Bailey Road
  • Dixie Beach
  • Sanctuary Overlook

How Much are Sanibel Island Beach Parking Permits A and B?

Permit A: Prices for this permit requires you to be a permanent resident of Sanibel or a seasonal resident of Sanibel that owns real estate property. Current Pricing is $14.

Permit B: A parking permit B is regular available for a rate of $300.

Permit C: if you want access to the ramp as well you need to pay an additional $99. This is the same for residents and visitors.

Beach Parking Where No Permit is Accepted

There is one beach park that does not accept beach parking permits! 

It is Turner Beach Park!

Map of Sanibel Island Beach Parking

Map of Sanibel Beach Parking

Source: City of Sanibel 

A Word from healthylifestyleflorida.com

Beach Parking on Sanibel can be very expensive. Furthermore, it can be very difficult to find parking at all. Check the Causeway Beach as a closer and cheaper alternative.

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