Positive health intensions

Positive Health Intentions

Positive health intentions are a wonderful way of improving your health and well-being today. Furthermore, concentrating on something we can do for ourselves gives us a sense of achievement, control and satisfaction.

No matter if you write your intentions on a simple piece of paper and stick it somewhere in your home or write them in a diary. 

Whatever way you choose to do it, focusing on your personal health goals gives you a powerful start on achieving them!

List of Positive And Practical Health Intentions

Healthy Body 

Eating healthier

  • Eat a portion of dark berries to boost your antioxidant levels.
  • Cook a bone broth to help strengthen your bone mass.
  • Have a salad for lunch or dinner.
  • Try a cup of white  tea to fight aging.
  • Eat wild fish or flax seeds to boost omega 3 and improve brain health.
  • Buy fresh veggies at a local farmers market
  • Eat less salt and cut it out today
  • Cut out all sweeteners 
  • Drink 5 glasses of fresh water

Positive Health Intentions to Strengthen Your Immune System

Positive Health Intentions For A Healthy Mind

Healthy Finance

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