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PEMF Therapy Testimonials

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Interested in PEMF therapy testimonials? Listening to passionate customer stories was what we wanted to learn about when asking Sanza to introduce us to people who love their brand. The reason is that at Healthylifestyleflorida.com we are dedicated to learn why certain people love certain devices and make their use part of their daily routine. 

PEMF Therapy Testimonial Nr.1: Rejuvenation – How To Boost Performance at Age 78!

Rejuvenation – the key to eternal youth. What can we do to boost our performance in later years?  At Healthylifestyleflorida.com

we selected this pemf therapy testimonial as our number 1 because it is a story that changed a man’s life at age 78.

Ace`s pemf therapy testimonial needs to be told as the Canadian entrepreneur just passed away at age 97. One of his biggest wishes was to share his story with many others to encourage them to use pemf for cell rejuvenation. The reason is that Ace was able to live an active and healthy life after starting to use Sanza.

And this is how it all began: Without knowing any better his daughter, a professional horse trainer, started treating a retired grand prix team horse with Sanza`s PEMF technology. Within minutes the dressage horse broke down his stall door, galloped out the door and was racing around the property. Instead of walking slowly like a retired athlete, he had turned into a stallion ready to jump on the next mare! Over a bench and garden area into an outside ring where the “new stallion”was luckily caught again.

Improve Sexual Performance with Sanza PEMF

After watching this incident Ace could not stop laughing. Finally he asked: “will that device do that for me?” At age 78 he started using Sanza with a single goal in mind – to be able to behave like the retired grand prix team horse did after his first treatment. It is notable to mention that his daily treatments were able to not only renew his “vitality” but also restore his health.

Cell Rejuvenation with Sanza PEMF

By the age of 78 Ace had suffered from COPD which he had had since his time in the Navy; arthritis in his hips and knees; arteriosclerosis; an irregular heart beat; low blood pressure; IBS; gerd, macular degeneration and anxiety for which he took several medications to control. 

Harder Bones and Little Degeneration

Within one year Ace was off all meds and slowly his symptoms had stopped. Each year his health improved, his bones got harder and his health improved to the amazement of all who knew him and especially his doctors. He didn’t degenerate – he was mentally and physically rejuvenated and able to live a long life with all the faculties of a younger, spry Ace. I guess you now know why we love this pemf therapy testimonial.

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PEMF Therapy Testimonial on How to Stop A Sedentary Lifestyle

Larry`s story sounded very familiar. Like one that could happen to all of us. He had tears in his eyes when telling us how he was a very athletic person during his teenage years. “I took my bike wherever I could and played table tennis and soccer at a very high level. But during college I started gaining weight. A lot of weight. I started leading a sedentary lifestyle without being aware of it.”

Larry worked very long hours and this meant sitting 12 hours on a chair or in the car. But he had become successful. Very successful. 

Baumgarten and Kerber at the Porsche Open

A Sedentary Lifestyle Has Its Price

“One day I tried to get out of the car. Suddenly I heard a noise in my back. A crack.  I still don’t know how I got into my house. But I remember that I would spend the next three weeks in bed with pain, bad pain. “Sedentarism has its price”, my physio therapist said. I just looked at him trying to figure out what he was trying to say. “Well”, he said, “do whatever you like. It is just that your back is a result of the fact that you spend most of the time sitting and/or lying and never exercise. It is a lifestyle that will not only affect our back but also your health and cause more trouble if you decide to maintain it. I just wanted to mention it.” 

But Larry was a businessman. He was not scared about his health. What really worried him was his business. “I love what I did and I was really sick of having to spend so much time at home. I wanted to get back out there. Be part of my company, meet people and simply have fun.”

“Sanza helped me to recover my back health and refocus on leading a more active lifestyle.”

Using PEMF Therapy to Recover 

After four months I had lost significant weight and built a certain amount of endurance. I was able to work more actively and could stop taking pain killers. I love leading an active lifestyle again – thanks to Sanza.”

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PEMF Testimonial On How To Boost Energy Levels Naturally

Are you suffering from low energy levels? Then you know what Mary felt like. Her symptoms of exhaustion were very bad. Besides chronic fatigue, increased illness like flu and colds and muscle pain, she had that feeling of not being present.

“It felt that I was just functioning but I didn’t really feel alive anymore. My frustration was so big and I felt so guilty because my performance in daily life had reached a super low level. It was so scary because I used to be so active and loved exercising. But there was simply no energy left anymore. I had to find a way to raise my energy levels.”

 “I loved how quickly I had my energy back.” 

Mary went to see her doctor. “He couldn’t find any reason for my fatigue at all.” Mary`s husband had already used Sanza to reduce weight and recover from burnout. That gave her the courage to try pemf therapy as well. “I did one session with the vitality program in the morning. Depending on my schedule and level of tiredness I would either do one Alpha session after lunch or a relaxation program before bed.” 

Mary also changed her diet. She cut out gluten and any kind of added sugars. Instead she focused on berries, salads, veggies and wild caught fish. Light meals at night also helped improve her energy levels.

“After three weeks my body started feeling more alive. Five weeks later, I could add a little walk to my daily routine. After eight weeks I started running and felt much more refreshed getting up in the morning. Three months later, I felt alive again.”

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PEMF Therapy Testimonial: Treating Professional Athletes Injuries

Professional athletes injuries can be devastating – for the individual athlete and his team. Therefore finding the best doctors, physios and treatments is an essential part of the professional sports business. 

Ralph is a slender guy with a warm heart and a shy smile on his face. He lives right outside Salzburg which many of us remember for “The sound of music.” He is dedicated to Human performance optimization. His target group are professional athletes. 

“I created my own system of human performance optimization. I have had great successes in getting players fit again that everyone else had given up on. My basic philosophy is that the body needs to rebalance itself after every injury. I use Sanza to treat certain muscle points that help the body to heal from injury trauma.  

Sanza helps me to heal professional athletes injuries much faster”.

Ralph has worked with many Red Bull athletes, Olympic skiers, ice skaters and Worldchampion soccer players around the world. 

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PEMF Therapy Testimonial: Speed up Healing a Broken Bone

How to speed up healing a broken bone had become an urgent question for six times world champion Massimo Roccoli.

On Friday during training Massimo had a heavy crash with his motorbike. He quickly felt heavy pain. An X-ray revealed a broken bone. Massimo knew there was a big risk he wouldn’t be able to compete in the next race. The same evening he started applying Sanza to his injury. In addition he even slept the entire night on his PEMF mat to speed up the healing process. As a result, Roccoli was able to compete again just a few days later. 

Thank you Sanza for such a fast recovery!

But being a champion Massimo Roccoli has not only figured out how to speed up healing a broken bone. He is a master of self-care and a serious professional athlete. Therefore, to keep his body on a continuous high level Roccoli has added using Sanza pemf therapy to his daily routine. As a motorcyclist his back health is crucial.  His C5 and C6 vertebraes are very sensitive and as prevention he treats them every day with the Sanza pillow. Furthermore, racing motorbikes requires a very sharp mind. A loss of concentration can have very serious consequences. It not only influences the result of the race but furthermore the health of bikers. Therefore, Massimo applies his Sanza before every race using the Sport program and chip 7.

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PEMF Therapy Testimonial: Magic Recovery After Horse Accident

When Karen was 19 years old training to become one of Canada’s Olympic dressage team members a horse fell on top of her. It was a bad accident. Her prognosis was life in a wheelchair and the end of her career. 

“I know speeding up bone healing is difficult but Sanza changed and in fact saved my life.” 

Her L4  and L5 were sideways and rotated and the ends of her cervical vertebrae broke off. The pain was unbearable. She could not sleep due to the muscle spasms and became very depressed. Until the day a friend introduced her to PEMF and gave her new hope. “I know if a horse falls on a woman it is a very serious accident. But it is up to you to change your life. And I really want you to get back in the saddle. Try Karen, you have nothing to lose and it transformed my pain in only a few weeks.” Besides regular physio she started her daily treatments which not only helped her eliminate the residual chronic pain. Even more than being pain free she was back in the saddle after only 8 months.

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PEMF Testimonial on How to Boost College Performance Successfully

Are you trying to boost your college performance? Tessa had always been ambitious but when she started college in Ontario she really wanted to perform at her highest level. “I really wanted to prove myself and my family how smart I was.” Quickly she figured out that my body needed extra support. I didn’t want to end up suffering with college student burnout like many others who studied a lot.” 

You might be surprised that the National College Health Assessment of 2019 showed that “over 80 percent of college students reported feeling overwhelmed by all the things they have to do, and almost 40 percent felt so depressed that it was difficult to function.”

For Tessa studying 8 hours and more was simply challenging and her brain started getting tired too quickly. Therefore she started looking for ways to boost her academic performance. “My mum had used Sanza for years for her bones but until I really needed to be able to focus on my studies I had never felt a desire to try it.” 

Tessa - Boosting college performance with pemf

 “Sanza helped me to get a scholarship two years in a row. Thank you Sanza!”

PEMF Therapy Testimonial – Boosting College Performance With Sanza

“I started using the Alpha program and Chip Number 7 every day. It was amazing how quickly I could feel the difference. Sanza did not only help improve my academic performance but also helped me sleep better. I never want to live without Sanza again! It helps me to perform at top level and is also a wonderful way of reducing my stress after long days. Thank you Sanza.”

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