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PEMF For Horses – A Science Backed Guide

Race Horse needing pemf

PEMF for horses is still a well kept secret. Are you interested in finding out how it works and how your horse can benefit from a pemf device? Modern pemf technology for horses can be used to treat the whole body or for specific areas. The good news is that it is non-invasive, not painful and does not even require sedation. It is something that is beneficial for every horse!

History of PEMF Mats for Horses in the US

PEMF devices were first used on Thoroughbred race horses in Kentucky and the North East. They came over from Europe where they had been used for decades in the equestrian world already. 

Horse trainers and equine vets applied them especially to treat back pain and strengthen the health of the sensitive race horses.

You might be surprised to learn that an immense amount of study has been done to support the benefits of equine PEMF therapy. Furthermore, the FDA approved pemf devices  for treating several conditions in humans, horses, and other animals.

How does PEMF therapy for horses work?

Have you ever had a  deep tissue massage? Then, you can think of PEMF therapy as a deep tissue massage for the cells. It works on the mitochondrial level. The electromagnetic pulses stimulate the cells, effectively charging the cells and promoting natural cellular regeneration and vigor.

Pemf therapy uses the fact that our humans and horse bodies are electrically and electromagnetically run. Technically pemf creates a magnetic field by running an electrical current through a copper coil. This mimics the waves that are essential to life thus mimicking nature. The delivery of the magnetic fields into the body has a therapeutic effect as it creates energy which improves the cells’ ability to bring in oxygen and remove toxins. PEMF systems that are registered as wellness devices.

What are the Benefits of PEMF Therapy For Horses?

So how can horses benefit from pemf mats?  

Most Common Reasons For Using Pemf Devices for Horses

Speed up recovery times

PEMF therapy for horses promotes recovery after intense workouts and hard races. In addition, pemf devices support the body to recover from injuries, like bone fractures and repair cracked hooves. Furthermore, it supports the body to recover faster from swelling, soreness, inflammation and fatigue. Regular use of electromagnetic therapy can improve recovery time for horses significantly. 

Pain reduction

In addition to shortening recovery times, PEMF therapy also immediately relieves stress on the hind end. This is especially the case after competing. Furthermore, many horses hit their heads in trailers or stall doors. In addition, their nicks stiffen as 60% of body weight is on forehand and so pemf mats can support overall pain reduction.

Improved performance

Like in humans pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is used to promote blood flow and cell function, which boosts performance in horses. Furthermore, Sanza PEMF is applied to stimulate speed, strength, endurance, and range of motion in race and show horses.

Injury prevention

Thoroughbred horses are very sensitive. Regular pemf therapy helps soft tissue Injuries like bruised or torn Muscles, tendons & ligaments at an early stage. Thus serious injuries can often be prevented. 

Longer careers

Thoroughbred horses usually have short athletic careers between 3 and 4 years. Good support makes their bones and tissues last longer and thus lengthens their short careers. Sanza PEMF therapy supports all breeds by boosting equestrian cells and cell function. According to East County Large Animal Practice pemf therapy is also used for other reasons which are:

“Other Reasons For Using Pemf Devices for Horses

  • Performance Stress & Body Soreness
  • Soreness of the Back, Stifle, Joints, Neck, Poll, TMJ, Shoulder or Hooves
  • Soft Tissue Injuries – Bruised or Torn Muscles, Tendons & Ligaments
  • Hoof Abscess, Stone Bruises
  • Conditions of Age
  • Arthritis, Cushing’s Disease
  • Systemic Illness, Immunity Issues
  • Anhidrosis
  • Digestive Issues
  • Wounds From Surgery or Injury Including Non-Healing Wounds
  • Bone Issues – Normal & Non-Healing Fractures
  • Laminitis, EPM or Founder
  • Lackluster Health or Performance
  • Improve Behavioral Issues Associated with Stress, Mental Tension & Pain
  • Faster Recovery From Performance, Illness or Injury”.

Case Studies and Scientific Evidence For PEMF For Horses

PEMF and Hoof Abscesses in Horses

Case studies have shown that PEMF therapy sessions of 8-15 minutes can help resolve an abscess faster. In most cases it only took one to three sessions to resolve the issue. One of the reasons might be that applying pemf therapy boosts oxygenation and blood flow to the hoof. Thus the body`s cell functions promote faster healing.  

PEMF And Treating a Coffin Bone Fracture to Promote Healing

Further Scientific Evidence 

Sanza supported a Hungarian study on 17 horses. The study came to the conclusion that horses who were nervous got more relaxed after the regular application of Sanza. In addition horses with back pain had improvement that was so significant that their better performance could be observed during competition.

Frequently Asked Questions on PEMF Therapy For Horses

How long after the session can a horse be used?

There is no down time with PEMF. It can be applied as part of  warmup or to get them relaxed and focused. Both work without a time lag. This means that you can ride right before or immediately after the treatment. 

How Do Horses react to pemf therapy

Usually a reaction will occur 60-90 seconds after the start of the treatment. Most horses will begin to relax and stand still (if they are normally wigglers), they might show a soft eye, and yawn.

What Type of Horses Can Benefit from PEMF Devices?

All horses can benefit from Sanza PEMF therapy. Show horses, race horses and pleasure horses. 

Why racehorses?

Besides the immense value and their short performance time of 3-4 years, racehorses put an exceptional amount of strain on their bodies.For example, a horse’s leg bears a load of up to triple its body weight when running at racing speed on a straightaway. The load increases even more so on turns. As a result, the amount of force and the impact of running at racing speeds leads to a higher risk for injury. 

Does PEMF therapy for horses have any side effects?

PEMF for horses works by using electromagnetic fields created by a specifically designed machine. As long as the PEMF machine is used correctly, it is known to be a safe method with no known side effects.

How can I use pemf therapy for my horse?

There are many PEMF practitioners  that  come to your stable and perform the treatment for your horse. It can take between 8-25 minutes at a time and it can be done as often as needed. PEMF therapy for horses can also work together with a massage or chiropractic treatment.

Getting someone to come out may be a nice luxury treatment for a while. But in order to really reap all of the above health benefits, regular use is key. Instead of spending extravagant amounts on vets or therapists, you may find that a home pemf therapy is a worthwhile investment that can save you loads in the long term. Plus, with Sanza you get the added convenience of being able to also use the pemf device on yourself and your family members to relax, strengthen and rejuvenate yourself!

Sanza PEMF Device

Are you curious what Sanza can do for your horse?C Talk to the Sanza horse expert: Karen has worked and performed on a professional level and is happy to discuss if a Sanza Pemf therapy device might be the right option for you. She can assist in setting up a fast and convenient order and explain to you how to use the pemf machine on your horse and yourself. 

Call the Sanza horse expert:239-224-2373

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