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PEMF Therapy For Neck Pain

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Are you interested if PEMF therapy can help with your neck pain? then you are probably one of the  30% to 50% of adults that suffers from neck pain. Did you know that approximately 50%–85% of individuals with neck pain do not experience complete resolution of symptoms? Furthermore, some of them may even go on to experience chronic pain.

Therefore, it is no surprise that many people are curious to learn what a pemf therapy device can do to ease their neck pain! 

What Causes Neck Pain?

It’s sometimes difficult to diagnose the exact cause of neck pain. The reason is that there are so many things that can cause acute and chronic neck pain. Neck pain can include a number of factors

  • “ergonomic (strenuous physical activity, 
  • use of force and vibration,
  •  inadequate posture, repetitive movement), 
  • individual (age, body mass index, genome, musculoskeletal pain history),
  •  behavioral (smoking and level of physical activity), and 
  • psychosocial (job satisfaction, stress level, anxiety, and depression)”

A healthcare professional can get you a proper diagnosis. But you still need neck pain relief in the meantime. 

Non-Drug Neck Pain Relief

Common treatments are: 

  • electrotherapy stimulation (30.3%), 
  • corsets or braces (20.9%), 
  • massage (28.1%), 
  • ultrasound (27.3%), 
  • heat (57.0%) and 
  • cold (47.4%) 

Unfortunately they seem to have unclear or little benefit. 

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PEMF Therapy for Neck Pain Relief

It is widely known that there has been a steady rise in prescription opioids by primary care physicians in the United States. Whereas evidence on the effectiveness of medications for chronic neck pain is extremely limited.

Unlike drugs which mainly cover our pain, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help address the underlying issue causing neck pain.

Therefore, Pemf therapy is an interesting and effective  treatment option because it triggers the body’s natural healing process on a cellular level. According to studies PEMF seems to be superior to standard therapy.

The following neck pain symptoms respond well to pemf therapy:

  • Conditions that respond well to PEMF therapy:
  • stiffness 
  • sprain 
  • strain 
  • waking up and not being able to turn your head 
  • Pinched nerves coming out of the neck 

Learn more in detail how PEMF therapy works in our Science Backed Guide to PEMF Therapy and What types of conditions can PEMF treat?

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