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Retirement in Naples Florida – 8 Things Everyone Should Know

Retirement in Naples Florida – 8 Things Everyone Should Know

Naples Florida is a great option for retirement. But there are a few things you should know. Here is our list with the most important points!

Number 1: Collier County is a great place for longevity

If you are interested in becoming a superager of simply leading a healthy, long life  Collier County is the right place. Stats show that people who choose Naples for retirement have a lower probability of premature death.

Number 2: Location of Naples, Florida

Naples is located in Southwest Florida close to Highway 41 and a two hours drive to Miami. This offers many opportunities to enjoy the benefits of big city life while living in a small community of around 20.000 people. The climate is a tropical savanna climate. Retirees in Naples Florida can normally enjoy frost-free winters.

Number 3: Retirement in Naples Florida – Social Life 

When you look for a retirement option in Florida, a social life is super important as you will have more time. Besides great shopping and restaurants, Naples has its own Opera House, Art Museum and its own theater.

Number 4: Naples Has A Family Concierge Option

No matter if you need someone who takes care of your second or third home or your elderly family members. A luxury family concierge can take care of your needs. Being taken care of gives you peace of mind and more options to enjoy life.

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Number 5: Naples is One of The Wealthiest Cities in the United States 

If you choose Naples Florida for retirement you might meet some of the richest people in the world. Naples is home to 5 billionaires – and they are all self-made. One of them is “Tom Golisano, 79, weighed in at No. 680, dropping from No. 616. His net worth has increased to $4.2 billion from $3.2 billion.”

Number 6: Retirement in Naples Florida – A Golfers Dream

If you love golfing, Naples, Florida is the best place to retire. It is home to more than 80 championship golf courses. It  and a LGPA Golf Tournament. The tournament usually takes place in November. While some courses are private, there are a good amount of public and semi-private options available. Here are some clubs to choose from:

  •  Quail West Golf and Country Club, 
  • Vanderbilt Country Club
  • TwinEagles, 
  • Club Pelican Bay, 
  • The Old Collier Golf Club
  • Lely Resort Golf & Country Club 
  • Heritage Bay Golf & Country Club
  •  Bonita Bay Club, 
  • Treviso Bay and Forest
  •  Glen Golf & Country Club.

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Number 7: CNBC Top Cities For Retirement

CNBC selected Naples as one of the top southern cities for retirement

Number 8: Retirement in Naples Florida – Celebrities

Many celebrities love the Naples`lifestyle. No matter if you want to meet business people like Bain & Company founder Bill Bain or sports celebrities , author Ben Bova or politicians like Rick Scott. There are plenty of famous people around. 

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A Word From healthylifestyleflorida.com

If you consider retirement in Florida you should definitely check out Naples. It is one of the best cities in the state of Florida and a great place for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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