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Most Populated County in Florida 2023

Most Populated County in Florida 2023

The most populated County in Florida 2023 is Miami-Dade County. The county is located in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Florida. Furthermore, it is the 7th most populated county in the United States. Miami-Dade County is heavily Hispanic, and was the most populous majority-Hispanic county in the nation. Did you know that the earliest evidence of Native American settlement in the Miami region came from about 12,000 years ago? 

Miami-Dade Land Area – Most Populated County in Florida 2023

Miami-Dade is also Florida’s third largest county in terms of land area, with 1,946 square miles. Only Collier County and Palm Beach County are larger. According to wikipedia “the northern, central and eastern portions of the county are heavily urbanized with many high-rise buildings along the coastline, including Miami’s Central Business District in Downtown Miami. 

Southern Miami-Dade County includes the Redland and Homestead areas, which make up the agricultural economy of the county. Agricultural Redland makes up roughly one third of Miami-Dade County’s inhabited land area, and is sparsely populated, a stark contrast to the densely populated, urban portions of the county northern sections.

The county also includes portions of two national parks. To the west, the county extends into the Everglades National Park and is populated only by a Miccosukee tribal village. Biscayne National Park and the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves are located east of the mainland in Biscayne Bay.”

Miami-Dade Fortune 500 Companies

The following 5 companies are based in the metropolitan area

  • “Lennar (Miami), $16.4 billion
  • Office Depot (Boca Raton), $12.1 billion
  • World Fuel Services (Miami), $11.3 billion
  • AutoNation (Fort Lauderdale), $11 billion
  • Ryder System (Miami), $5 billion”

The 5 Most Populated Counties in Florida 2023

Rank County             Population

1 Miami-Dade County 2,757,592

2 Broward County 1,969,099

3 Palm Beach County 1,518,152

4 Hillsborough County 1,520,529

5 Orange County 1,481,321

A Word from healthylifestyleflorida.com

Miami-Dade county is the most populated county in Florida 2023. Miami is also the most expensive city in Florida. If you prefer to avoid the crowds check Liberty County. It is the least populous county in Florida with just 8,000 people. But there is more in between and something for everyone. Move to the sunshine state! You will love what you can be!

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