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Captiva Island Grocery Store

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Looking for a grocery store on Captiva Island? The Island Store Captiva reopened its doors to the public on Oct. 5 2020 following a year’s worth of renovations. This historic little supermarket should be part of every Captiva Island shopping and historic tour.

Who Owns the Island Store Captiva?

The grocery and delicatessen shop is owned and run by the Johnson family who also owns Bailey`s on Sanibel Island and runs a little store at the Sundial Resort.

What Can You Buy at the Captiva Island Grocery Store?

No matter if you are planning a day on Captiva’s beaches or you are already chilling there, the Captiva Island Grocery Store is just a short stroll. The store has most of the basic non-perishable products: wine, beer, essentials, medicines, souvenirs, drinks, cheeses, grab-and-go breakfast and sandwiches. Furthermore, the store offers perishable items, like produce and meats. So check this Captiva Island Grocery store when shopping for breakfast at home during your stay in paradise. (If you are looking for a coffee – Starbucks on Captiva Island is just a five minutes walk.)

Who Owns the Building of the Island Store Captiva?

Owners of the building have been just as varied as its use, ranging from thespian Irving Parker Mills to cartoonist/conservationist J.N. “Ding” Darling. Today RLR Investments is the building’s owner. The company owns other properties on the island as well.

Captiva Island Store - Baileys

Liquor Store Captiva Island

The Island Store Captiva is also the biggest variety of liquors on Captiva. Besides this Captiva Island grocery store you can also check the Captiva Provisons company opposite South Seas Island Resort.

What Is the History of The Building?

The island store Captiva is registered as a historic site and building, it first appeared on county tax records in 1915. The building once served as a boarding school, boarding house, beauty parlor, school dormitory, general store, Island Store copy, JPG restaurant, hurricane shelter, architect’s office, polling precinct – and rumored at one point to even feature a brothel! Lee County Historic Preservation Board and Bailey’s worked together to rebuild and renovate the exterior and interior of the store. The idea was to stick to  Captiva’s architectural standards for historic buildings like this.

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Opening Hours o The Captiva Island Grocery Store

The shop is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday to Thursday and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

How To Contact the Island Store Captiva 

Call 239-312-4374. People can also contact store Manager Eric Dampier at edampier@baileys-sanibel.com or Calli Johnson at cjohnson@baileys-sanibel.com.

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