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Is Naples Florida a Good Place to Retire?

Retirement in Naples Florida – 8 Things Everyone Should Know

Is Naples Florida a good place to retire? We believe Naples Florida is a great option for retirement. But there are a few things you should know. Here is our list with the most important points!

Number 1: Collier County is a great place for longevity

If you are interested in becoming a superager of simply leading a healthy, long life  Collier County is the right place. Stats show that people who choose Naples for retirement have a lower probability of premature death.

Number 2: Location of Naples, Florida – Is Naples Florida a Good Place to Retire?

Naples is located in Southwest Florida close to Highway 41 and a two hours drive to Miami. This offers many opportunities to enjoy the benefits of big city life while living in a small community of around 20.000 people. The climate is a tropical savanna climate. Retirees in Naples Florida can normally enjoy frost-free winters.

Number 3: Retirement in Naples Florida – Social Life 

When you look for a retirement option in Florida, a social life is super important as you will have more time. Besides great shopping and restaurants, Naples has its own Opera House, Art Museum and its own theater.

Number 4: Naples Has A Family Concierge Option

No matter if you need someone who takes care of your second or third home or your elderly family members. A luxury family concierge can take care of your needs. Being taken care of gives you peace of mind and more options to enjoy life.

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Number 5: Naples is One of The Wealthiest Cities in the United States – Is Naples Florida a Good Place to Retire?

If you choose Naples Florida for retirement you might meet some of the richest people in the world. Naples is home to 5 billionaires – and they are all self-made. One of them is “Tom Golisano, 79, weighed in at No. 680, dropping from No. 616. His net worth has increased to $4.2 billion from $3.2 billion.”

Number 6: Retirement in Naples Florida – A Golfers Dream

If you love golfing, Naples, Florida is the best place to retire. It is home to more than 80 championship golf courses. It  and a LGPA Golf Tournament. The tournament usually takes place in November. While some courses are private, there are a good amount of public and semi-private options available. Here are some clubs to choose from:

  •  Quail West Golf and Country Club, 
  • Vanderbilt Country Club
  • TwinEagles, 
  • Club Pelican Bay, 
  • The Old Collier Golf Club
  • Lely Resort Golf & Country Club 
  • Heritage Bay Golf & Country Club
  •  Bonita Bay Club, 
  • Treviso Bay and Forest
  •  Glen Golf & Country Club.

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Number 7: CNBC Top Cities For Retirement – Is Naples Florida a Good Place to Retire?

CNBC selected Naples as one of the top southern cities for retirement

Number 8: Retirement in Naples Florida – Celebrities

Many celebrities love the Naples`lifestyle. No matter if you want to meet business people like Bain & Company founder Bill Bain or sports celebrities , author Ben Bova or politicians like Rick Scott. There are plenty of famous people around. 

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A Word From healthylifestyleflorida.com

Do you believe that Is Naples Florida a good place to retire?

If you consider retirement in Florida you should definitely check out Naples. It is one of the best cities in the state of Florida and a great place for a healthy and active lifestyle. If you prefer more action, check our post: 25 Best Places to Live in Central Florida.

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