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Hospital At Home Lee County

Hospital at home lee county

Hospital at home in Lee County is a breakthrough for Lee Counties aging population.

What Is Hospital At Home?

It is defined as “acute hospital-level care to older adults in the comfort of their home.” The reason is that hospital at home care can improve outcomes, reduces health care costs and enhances the patient experience.

The Challenge

Like many others Kris Fay, chief officer population health and physician services of Lee Health, has asked himself how Lee Health  can provide high-quality hospital-level care to acutely ill older adults in their home.  

The Answer To Offering Hospital At Home in Lee County

Patients can request care via phone or by visiting DispatchHealth’s mobile app or website, no referral needed. Once requested, an expertly trained medical team typically arrives at the patient’s home within a few hours, equipped with the necessary tools and treatments, including on-site diagnostics and a CLIA-certified lab. In addition to the on-site care, DispatchHealth also coordinates additional patient needs such as prescriptions, ongoing care with their physician and billing with insurance companies.”

This is especially interesting when combining with concierge medicine or telemedicine services.

The Future

By Setting up a hospital at home service more patients are able to avoid hospital stays. In addition, people can recover in the comfort of their own home. This means that patients in Lee County can start focusing on ageing in place as better medical at-home services guarantee better health care. As a result seniors enjoy more safety and quality of life.

Lee Health approach is a highly innovative step into the future of health care and ageing in place in Lee County, Florida.

What You Can Add to Hospital at Home in Lee County

A great infrastructure is super important for an aging population. But there is so much more we can do ourselves to lead a healthy lifestyle. Read our lifestyle guide on: Getting better with age to learn more about your options. 

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