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50 November Quotes – A Heartwarming Guide

Fall colors at a lake - great place reading november quotes

Our heartwarming November quotes are meant as a source of inspiration in a month with long nights, short days and lots of rain. This is also beautifully expressed in the song November Rain by Gun`s And Roses. “And it’s hard to hold a candle In the cold November rain” is one of the most famous lines of November Rain. For more inspiration we recommend reading  November Rain lyrics

You might also find some inspiration watching special November Movies like “November Christmas”. November Christmas is a Christmas drama film based on a short story written by Greg Coppa. It is about a father who is trying to speed up the holidays so that his daughter who has cancer will have the best Christmas before she dies. It is a heartwarming movie that gives hope. 

Enjoy our November Quotes

“Some of the days in November carry the whole memory of summer as a fire opal carries the color of moonrise”.     Gladys Taber

“In November, the earth is growing quiet. It is making its bed, a winter bed for flowers and small creatures. The bed is white and silent, and much life can hide beneath its blankets”.    Cynthia Rylant  

“November is the month to check your flash lights and count your candles.” Unknown

“November is the best time to start planning christmas” Unknown

“November is the month where no one feels guilty to sleep long, eat comfort foods and watch TV.” Unknown

“November is the best month to fill your shelves for winter.” Unknown

“November is the best time for families to gather around the dining table.” Unknown

“The darkness of November reminds us that we have to be a light in the darkness.” Unknown

Our favorite November quote.

You find it dark in November? I guess you should be grateful that Thomas Edison and others invented the light bulb!” Unknown

“You don’t like the rain in November? Go to Florida!” Unknown

“November is a month of bright light and deep darkness.”

  • Darkness
    • Night of Broken Glass, also called the November Pogrom(s), was a pogrom against Jews carried out by SA paramilitary forces and civilians throughout Nazi Germany on 9–10 November 1938.
  • Light
    • Armistice Day World War 1 ends, 
    • End of the Cold War: It was on 9 November 1989, five days after half a million people gathered in East Berlin in a mass protest, that the Berlin Wall dividing communist East Germany from West Germany crumbled. 

A Word from healthylifestyleflorida.com

Just because November has only 30 days doesn’t mean that we have to miss out on something. Like the zodiac sign of November the Scorpio (October 22-November 21) who is well known for its traits. Strengths: Resourceful, brave, passionate and being a true friend, we can use the months to reflect our strengths.

Take time for yourself – You will love what you can be.

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