The Innovation of Soccer Table Games

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Let`s Play

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We invite you to sit at our soccer table and guarantee the best soccer entertainment. By now everyone knows the SOCCER BOX- featured in the TV show “Beat the Star”.

This innovative and revolutionary variant of the game is played in pairs under one transparent Plexiglas plate. Two stools at each end of the table serve as gates. The SOCCER BOX guarantees unbeatable gaming fun regardless of age, gender and soccer talent. The ball remains permanently in play thanks to a robust net construction.


Our SOCCER BOX offers numerous branding options and is a great eye-catcher. Put your logo or motto on the seats or aluminum frame.

Your logo in the center completes the diverse and individual advertising opportunities and thus optimally sets the SOCCER BOX in scene.


Playing together is a great way of networking. Soccer box helps players to get to know each other in a fun way. Try to set up a little tournament between colleagues or customers. This product is great for every team building event as it is easy to understand, set up and play.

Where to Use the SOCCER BOX

soccerbox in sportsbar

Whether with a cold drink in a sports bar, between shopping in a shopping mall, as an “eye catcher” in a sporting goods store or as part of a trade fair promotion – the SOCCER BOX works everywhere, brings the joy and fascination of this sport to every location and becomes a magnetic attraction for young and old. We would be happy to make you a tailor-made offer – buy or rent with us.

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