Getting better with age

Getting Better With Age?

If you want to get better with age it is time to turn your dreams into plans. The reason is that your well-being of tomorrow mainly depends on the actions you take today. Therefore to get better with age and thus stay independent and active requires taking the right actions. 

Get Fitter and Stronger – create your healthy lifestyle

Get Your Home Ready For Successful  Ageing in Place

Set Up A Care Plan 

We walk you through every step to create your individualized plan. No need to worry about the future anymore. You can determine where and how you want to age gracefully today.  Sign-up for your personal plan today! 

It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor. Marcus Tullius Cicero

Get Fitter and Stronger Analysis And Plan of A Healthy Lifestyle  

  • Let’s create your personal exercise plan – find a program, partner or simply the right equipment
  • Identify and manage your musculoskeletal weaknesses 
  • How To Eat Healthy
  • Plan Your Social Life

Get Your Home Ready – Ageing in Place – Analysis And Plan

On Sanibel Island we put lots of thinking about how to best prepare for ageing in place. Therefore, we can offer you guidance in case you want to check if your home is ready for ageing in place? Do you already have the right property to age gracefully at home? Or does your dream require a different property?  Maybe a smaller home, an apartment or simply a different location? Get Your plan in place instead of being rushed!

Create Your Own Safe Haven

“Safety first”! Let’s take a look at what needs to be changed to create your safe haven.  You get a plan which adaptations need to be done – even in different steps! No matter if it is a walk in shower, a handlebar or simply a security system that connects you with your loved ones or an external help when you truly need it.

We are experts at hardware and software that increases your safety at home.

Prevent Adult kids disappoint you – Assign Them A Realistic Role

When your grown children disappoint you because they do not fulfill your expectations everyone loses. Therefore, it is easier to have a plan in place where kids can be limited to the jobs they are happy to do. Even kids from far away can open your door when they are far away in case of emergency – if you have a smart lock! Or they can assist you with safety if they can see who is ringing your doorbell – even if they are at work. Our planning makes everyone feel more comfortable and gives you and your family peace of mind!

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Mahatma Gandhi

Set Up A Care Plan 

Being healthy is everything. We help you to take a look at your physical weaknesses and come up with a better plan that ensures your care! In addition, we help you find the right concierge program, telehealth option, home lab testing and connect you to local agencies and services. We tell you who to ask what medicare pays and where to get support!

With good care getting better with ageing becomes a far more realistic goal. Assisted Living at home is easier than you think

Special: Ageing in Place Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island in Florida is the perfect place for ageing in place. First, there are great opportunities for holistic fitness. Secondly, it is a very safe place – to be precisely one of the safest in Florida. Thirdly, it has good access to care which is a very significant key to getting better with age.

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