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Florida Residency Requirements For Snowbirds

Florida Residency Requirements For Snowbirds

What are Florida residency requirements for snowbirds? Florida has the 183 Day Rule to establish residency. But how do snowbirds prove residency (Residency requirement does not have to be consecutive) We created a checklist that helps you to prove that you reside in Florida for at least 183 days.

Florida Residency Requirements Snowbirds – Organizational Aspects

  • Get your Florida licenses: car, boat, fishing
  • Register your vehicles like cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, trailers, RV or airplanes in Florida.
  • Get insured in the sunshine state.
  • Register as a voter in Florida.
  • Get a job in Florida or relocate your business to the sunshine state.
  • Enroll your kids in Florida schools
  • Get a home in Florida, ideally larger than your home in your previous place of residency.

Florida Residency Requirements For Snowbirds – Health Aspects

Florida Residency Requirements For Snowbirds – Financial Aspects 

  • Pick a CPA and lawyer in the sunshine state.
  • Pay taxes as a Florida resident
  • Set up a trust, estate plan and will under Florida law!
  • Find a wealth manager and bank.
  • Set up your power of attorney in Florida.
  • Rent a bank vault for important documents in Florida. 
  • Send bills for your northern property to your Florida address.
  • Documents that show that you spend at least 183 days in Florida like
    • Airline tickets, 
    • Gas bills, 
    • Car service bills that show mileage, 
    • Hairdresser receipts
    • Massage receipts
    • Taxi bills for airport transportation, 
    • Rental car receipts for your out of Florida trips.

Florida Residency Requirements For Snowbirds – Social Aspects 

  • Update social media accounts by adding your Florida residence
  • Establish a strong social life in Florida: join a gym, golf club, church with regular payments
  • Express that you are a Florida resident: wherever your address is required (flight or hotel bookings) use your Florida address
  • Update public records and social media accounts to reflect your Florida resident status.
  • Get a Florida cellphone number

A Word from healthylifestyleflorida.com

Florida residency requirements for snowbirds require you to put down roots in the sunshine state. This is especially easy in the cities like Miami or Orlando that are well established all year round locations. Living in the sun is a lifestyle and much more than saving thousands of dollars and just escaping high-tax states. 

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