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Fishing in Captiva Island – Ultimate Guide

Fishing in Captiva Island

Are you planning to go fishing on Captiva Island? Fishing is incredibly popular on Captiva Island – no matter if you are on the beach or on a boat. It is also a great way to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle

Best Spots for Fishing on Captiva Island 

Fishing off the beach is the easiest way to go fishing on Captiva. When you walk along the beach, you will see many people sitting in their chairs with their fishing lines in the water. Depending on season and day time, here are some of the most popular fishing spots on Captiva Island.

Please keep in mind that parking can be an issue. So please check here for more information.

Best Fishing Spots on Captiva Island

#1 Best Fishing Captiva Island – Blind Pass Bridge and Beach

Blind Pass is a terrific place for fishing. The reason is that you can bay fish or gulf fish! The current guarantees a constant flow of fish under the bridge moving from the gulf of Mexico into Blind Pass. Some of the most common catches are snook and tailing redfish! Tarpon, King Mackerel, Snapper and Grouper are also common.

 Keep in mind it can get crowded and, with minimal parking spots up for grabs, the early bird truly does catch the worm. If you don’t manage to secure your spot on the bridge, there is ample room for surf fishing and space to cast off from the rocks.

Kayak fishing is also an option so with all these options available, nothing should stand in the way of you and your ultimate catch! Feel free to ask around, the locals can often guide you in the right direction.

#2 Best Fishing Captiva Island – Turner Beach

Turner beach is on the Captiva side of Blind Pass.  Therefore the fishing is very comparable. Because the beach facing the channel is very rocky and more open towards the gulf, casting is much easier than on the Sanibel Island side. There is limited parking and washrooms at Turner Beach. Furthermore, it is easy to change your location and try fishing from the bridge as well. Please watch out for pedestrians and bikers that share the bridge. Also keep in mind that Turner beach park closes after sunset. Local police will be present with a very high probability. 

#3 Redfish Pass

Redfish Pass is the strait that connects Pine Island Sound to the Gulf of Mexico and separates Captiva from North Captiva Island. It was created by a hurricane in 1921 and is only accessible to the public by boat. The only option to fish here from the spectacular dock is to book a room at South Seas Island resort. Especially during the summer season, the resort offers some great deals. The resort also has a marina and can organize private fishing tours. 

 Redfish Pass is famous for great fishing especially snook during the Spring and Summer months. 

What Can You Fish on Captiva Island

Whatever time of year you are fishing on Sanibel and Captiva Island, you are likely to hook Redfish, Grouper, Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Sea Trout or Snook. Whereas Tarpon and Pompano are more plentiful in the spring and summer. Triple-tail, King Mackerel and Drum are good to catch in spring and fall. During the colder months, you can go fishing for sheepshead on Captiva Island. Most people love fishing on the barrier island for the following fish:

Snook Fishing on Captiva Island

Snook are very unique to the region. Furthermore, snook are one of the many reasons Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World.  In general, snook fishing is best in the summer months. But keep in mind that the recreational harvest season for snook changes. Currently snook remains catch-and-release through Nov 30, 2022.

Tides and daylight influence when snook bite. If you get a good tide at dawn or dusk, you have an excellent chance for a snook bite. 

There are many different ways to catch snook. For example live bait, artificial and fly. But live bait is by far the most productive technique during the day for fishing snook on Captiva Island.  But during nighttime fishermen often use flies. If you have a boat, check Roosevelt Channel and stay close to the dock lights. Please keep in mind that all docks are private property.

Redfish Fishing on Captiva Island

Red Drum, also called Redfish, are very common on Captiva Island. They  eat a wide variety of baits, both natural(dead and live)  and artificial. On Captiva Island live baits are the most effective method to consistently catch redfish. This included live shrimp, mullet, marine worms, mud minnows, Atlantic croaker, pinfish, ladyfish, and small blue crabs. In case you go fishing for redfish by boat, pinfish and small mullet are usually your best bait option. On the other hand, live minnows and shrimp are very effective when fishing in shallow mudflats. 

Make sure you bring only legal gear. This includes hook, line and cast nets. Examples for illegal gear includes: Spearing (includes spearfishing, gigging and bowfishing, and snatch hooking) and/or use of multiple hooks in conjunction with live or dead natural bait is prohibited. Check here for the latest regulations including bag limits. Please also note the slot limit: Not less than 18″ and no more than 27″ total length.

Shark Fishing on Captiva Island

Shark Fishing in Florida has become a popular sport. People from all over the world travel to Captiva Island for Captiva Island. Fishermen try to catch fish from the beach or stay at South Seas Resort to fish from their dock facing Redfish Pass. When fishing from the beach, you might want to use a kayak to get your bait out. Live bait is necessary. Some fishermen use stingrays that they caught on Captiva Island. Bull Sharks, hammerhead and sandbar sharks are common on Captiva Island. For Shark fishing tips Florida please contact a local fishing guide.

Captiva Island Fishing Regulations

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation is in charge of local regulations. Please make yourself familiar with season and size requirements. Also, make sure to purchase a fishing license as local authorities are very likely to check fishermen.

Best Times for Fishing on Captiva Island

Generally speaking, summer season, dusk and dawn are the best times for fishing on Captiva Island. Depending on which fish you are looking to catch, it is worthwhile checking individual seasons. Tarpon fishing for example is best between May and July, whereas certain shark types only show up during the colder winter months.

How to Prepare for Fishing on Captiva Island

If you want to check the weather conditions before you go fishing, check the Captiva Webcams here. Tides on Captiva Island have a big impact on fishing so please check here for tide charts Captiva. Make sure to bring all your equipment or stop on Sanibel Island at a local store as Captiva Island has no place that offers special fishing equipment. 

A Word from healthylifestyleflorida.com 

Fishing on Captiva Island is a great sport and lots of entertainment. Especially during warm nights it is fantastic to combine star glazing, fishing and peaceful nights on the beautiful beaches of Captiva Island. As locals work very hard to protect nature and keep the island safe and clean, please make sure to follow local rules.

Check fishing on Captiva Island today – you will love what you can be!

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