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Family Wealth Managers In Florida – Ultimate Guide

Family Wealth Managers In Florida

Family Wealth Managers in Florida serve ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families. There are single family wealth managers that only serve one family and multi-families.

What is The Main Goal of Family Wealth Managers?

The main goal of family wealth managers is to grow wealth and transfer it across generations.

Where Do I Find Family Wealth Managers in Florida?

Family Wealth Management in Florida has many faces. One option are family offices. You can find family offices all over the sunshine state. Here is a list of some of your options. 

Family Wealth Managers in Miami, Florida

  1. We Family Offices

“WE serves families as an outsourced family office, as an extension of their family office, or by managing special mandates and projects for families as needed.”

  1. The Miami Family Office

The Maimi Family Office is single family office focused exclusively on direct investments, including real estate and operating businesses. The chairman prefers to stay anonymous.

  1. Omina Family Wealth

Omnia Family Wealth is a multi-family office located in Aventura, Florida.

  1. GFG Capital

GFG Capital is a multi-family office. The firm, located on Brickell Avenue, was founded by two brothers and aims to provide personalized attention and care. This is also reflected in the company culture as the brothers consider the people they work with as their best asset.


GenSpring exclusively serves clients of SunTrust Private Wealth Management. The multi-family office takes a holistic approach on advising families. “Successful families then shift their primary focus away from their financial capital toward preparing their human capital. They orient their activities toward realizing higher-order needs. They begin to implement the non-financial best practices of multi-generational families, including improving family communication, building family competencies, and preparing family members for the responsibilities of life with wealth. These families search for answers to profound questions:

  • Is our financial capital really at the service of our human capital or vice versa?
  • How do we prepare future generations to learn about and inherit wealth?
  • What values do we share as a family?
  • What is the purpose of our wealth?”
  1. Aliya Capital Partners

The company is located on Brickell Avenue in Miami. The company offers capital management, governance, generational wealth planning, philanthropy. Aliya has “teamed with Leste Group, a market-leading alternative investments platform focused on delivering consistent and superior risk-adjusted returns.” Therefore this family office has a modern and technology driven approach.

Family Wealth Managers in Southwest Florida

  1. Riverglades Family Offices

Riverglades is a multi-family office. The company offices its services to

  • Affluent Individuals and Private Investors
  • Families with generational wealth
  • Not for profit organizations & charitable organizations
  1. Fifth Avenue Advisors

The company is a multi-family office aiming to serve “a select group of entrepreneurial families.” the firm is offering the following services:

  • Investment Management
  • Estate & Legacy Planning
  • Tax coordination
  • Risk Management
  • Philanthropic Support
  • Family Governance & Education
  • Strategic Business Consulting
  • Real Estates & Alternatives
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Aviation & Maritime Oversight
  • Bill Payment & record retention
  1. Legacy Family Offices

Legacy Family Offices is a multi-family office. “As a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), the firm provides sophisticated and meaningful solutions to help families of exceptional wealth preserve and grow their financial capital as well as their human, social and intellectual family capital. The solutions are designed to help clients structure their financial situation and plan for the successful transfer of wealth to the next generation.” 

Family Wealth Managers in Palm Beach Florida

Forbes Family Trust

The Forbes family trust is a multi-family office located in Palm beach. The “Forbes Family Trust is a multi-family office providing thoughtful investment management and family office services to preserve and grow wealth.” Their “holistic offering also includes providing advice on estate and tax planning, mortgage and insurance, philanthropic giving, next-generation education, and travel and residence management.”

Family Wealth Managers in Boca Raton, Florida

Cooper Family Office

The Cooper family Office in Boca Raton is a private entity that manages the investments of the Cooper Family of Florida. It is a great example for a highly professional single family office – just take a closer look at their very impressive investment team.

Family Wealth Managers in Orlando, Florida

Biltmore Family Office

The Biltmore Family Office is located in Orlando. It “was founded in 2008 by a few families looking for more from their wealth advisors. Independent advice. Transparent fees. Customized investment solutions.”

Services include:

  • “Planning for ex
    • Taxes
    • Estate Planning
    • Budgeting and Cash Flow 
    • Succession Planning
    • Fiduciary Administration
    • Milestone Planning 
    • Charitable Giving
  • Reporting”

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