doctors discuss pemf therapy on youtube

Doctors Discuss PEMF Therapy on Youtube

Are you interested in what physicians think of pemf therapy? Take a look which doctors discuss pemf therapy on youtube. At we find it that you get a good overview so that you can make the best decisions for yourself. Because most PEMF therapy home devices are classified as wellness devices, doctors’ opinions are very important especially when you intend to use PEMF therapy for medical purposes. As a roundup we recommend our blog post on “What types of conditions PEMF therapy can treat?” 

Core Chiropractic On PEMF Therapy

Core chiropractic recommends pemf therapy for chronic pain treatment.

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Doctors Discuss PEMF Therapy on Youtube – Dr Oz

Dr Oz has contributed to the popularity of pemf therapy as an alternative for chronic pain management. The reason is that chronic pain management with medication causes side effects when taken over longer periods of time. Thus patients seek for non-drug alternatives.

Doctors Discuss PEMF Therapy on Youtube – Dr Deepa Verma 

Dr Verma recommends pemf therapy for physical and mental conditions. For example chronic inflation, chronic pain, headaches,   but also for chronic depression and mood disorders.

Dr. Joshua Berka On PEMF Therapy

Get some inspiration on mitochondrial optimization, performance recovery and regeneration.

Doctors Discuss PEMF Therapy on Youtube – Dr. Gary Ryan

Cell health and the need to recharge your cell batteries especially when getting older. He recommends PEMF for performance enhancement.

A Word From

PEMF therapy is used for medical purposes especially by chiropractors. To learn more we recommend reading our article “Best science backed guide on pemf therapy”. Just be aware that pemf therapy needs to applied regularly. Therefore purchasing or renting a home device might be a good investment. 

Try PEMF Therapy – You will love what you can be.

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