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Concierge Medicine Tampa – A Guide

concierge medicine in tampa

Are you interested in finding concierge medicine options in Tampa Florida? We spent hours researching your options and created this guide for you to make your choice easy. If you like to find out more about the pros and cons of concierge medicine first, read our blog post here.

Tampa Bay Concierge Doctor

Tampa bay Concierge doctor is a small office with one doctor. Membership costs vary between $150 and $500 per month. health insurance is not accepted. The doctor offers house calls, osteopathic treatments, vitamin infusions, rejuvenation therapy and medical weight loss services.

Griffin Concierge Medicine

Bigger clinic with four doctors focused on good service, prevention and a current wait list to join the concierge program. The doctors do not accept health insurance. Members have to pay a membership instead. Every doctor takes care of approximately 300 patients.

Insight Life Care – Concierge Medicine in Tampa

Smaller clinic with one doctor. Doctor Nussbaum services include primary care, geriatric care, internal medicine, preventative care. In addition, he visits his patients in hospitals and does remote monitoring, restorative care and house call. The clinic also seems to accept patients that are not part of the concierge membership program.

Cooperative Med

Smaller clinic with one doctor but two offices. One in Clearwater and in Hillsboroughs. Doctor O`Neal offers a very wide range of services for the entire family including genetic testing, exercise stress test and vitamin analysis. The doctor is also willing to travel longer distance to see his patients at remote places. Definitely a unique offer that stands out in the concierge medicine industry in Tampa.

Concierge Medicine in Tampa Bay

The clinic has one doctor. He has a very interesting approach as he is focused on anti-aging medicine and hormone replacement therapy. In addition, Mr. Lugo provides an array of personalized services, including primary care, preventative care.

McGrogan Concierge Medical

Small concierge office doctor with one doctor only. Clinic offers 24/7 availability, annual check-ups and specialist referrals.

Alternative to Concierge Medicine in Tampa Florida

Tampa General hospital offers 24/7 virtual health visits. Wait times are six minutes only and you save a trip to the doctors office. Cheap and very fast alternative. In addition, try to focus on leading a healthy lifestyle and work our regularly to improve your general well-being.

A Word From healthylifestyleflorida.com

Concierge medicine in Tampa seems to be at an early stage. The offers are limited which is not a problem as Tampa General hospital offers very fast virtual care.

Have the courage and make a call – you will love what you can be.

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