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Concierge Medicine Sarasota – A Guide

concierge medicine sarasota

Are you interested in finding concierge medicine options in Sarasota Florida? We spent hours researching your options and created this guide for you to make your choice easily. If you like to find out more about the pros and cons of concierge medicine first, read our blog post here.

Sarasota Personal Medicine

Sarasota personal medicine is a concierge internal medicine practice. There are two doctors in the office: Dr. Fineman and Dr. Little. They are dedicated to “create and manage each patient’s plan for optimal health, providing ongoing management of chronic diseases. In addition, they are overseeing treatment programs, researching topics and solutions. Furthermore Dr Fineman and Dr. Little are providing plans to stay healthy and active, and coordinating with the right specialists when referrals are needed.“ 

Most importantly the doctors see on the same day for an acute medical problem. 

Concierge Medical Services

This concierge clinic is run by Dr Bart Price and Petra Travnicek. Like other programs they aim to give their patients enhanced medical attention for acute and chronic illnesses. Furthermore, the two doctors provide a focus on wellness and prevention. The current membership price per member is $4.000 annually.

Cooper Concierge Medicine – Concierge Medicine Sarasota

Dr. Daniel Cooper is a cardiologist and Internal Medicine Doctor in Sarasota. Dr Cooper does house calls. He is well equipped and brings hand-held Ultrasound Scan, Electrocardiogram, pulse oxygen meter, and other useful diagnostic tools. He seems to be a very interesting concierge medicine option in Sarasota for patients who suffer from a heart disease.

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LernerCohen Concierge Medical Practice

This concierge medicine clinic in Sarasota currently has four doctors. They try to focus on preventative care, assist patients to find specialists and do house calls. Other services include doctor access around the clock and at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Concierge patients get 24/7 access with no waiting. In addition, they also get their physician’s direct cell phone number for immediate contact.

Private Physician Services

This clinic has two doctors and is specialized on internal medicine. The doctors do not accept medicare!

 Gulfshore Personalized Care

This clinic for concierge medicine in Sarasota has one doctor. He is also specialized in internal medicine and cardiovascular care. In addition, Dr. Arne offers preventative care and in-office testing. The doctor also works with Sarasota Memorial Hospital. In contrast to Private Physician Services, Dr Arne accepts a variety of health insurances. 

Dr. Scott Elsbree

Dr. Elsbree provides internal medicine services for adults who are 18 years old or older. This includes a strong emphasis on preventative medicine, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. At his concierge medicine Sarasota clinic Dr. Elsbree uses a hybrid concierge membership model for his practice. This allows a limited number of patients to retain him as their primary care physician, health and lifestyle coach and healthcare advocate. This model permits Dr. Elsbree and his staff to provide members with greatly enhanced services not normally covered by health insurance and/or Medicare.

Alternative to Concierge Medicine in Sarasota Florida

In contrast to Lee County there doesn’t seem to be a telehealth care option available. Therefore, we suggest an urgent care provider or a direct visit at the ER at one of the local hospitals. In addition, try to focus on leading a healthy lifestyle and work our regularly.

A Word From healthylifestyleflorida.com

Sarasota Florida has a very good variety of concierge medicine options. This seems especially important as the health system in this county doesn`t seem as advanced as the one in LEE County Florida.  Have the courage and make a call – you will love what you can be.

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