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Captiva Webcams

Web Cam Captiva ISland South Seas

Are you dreaming of returning to paradise? Captiva webcams are the easiest way to check life on the beach. These cameras are also handy after a storm like Hurricane Irma for example to see if life is back to normal. If all cameras are working, it is a positive sign that power is back up!

With a tap of your finger, you’ll be able to join some spectacular Captiva Island moments. Besides sunsets on the beach, you could join a friend’s or family member’s wedding on the beach or check the water for wind conditions. No matter if you want to go shelling, boating, fishing or simply swimming – wind conditions will impact your plans. 

Captiva Island Web Cams

Currently, there are five Captiva Island beach cams that invite you to take a look at the end. 

Located on the Tween Waters Stretch in the middle of the island you normally get a great Captiva’s beach view from ‘Tween Waters’ Beach Cam. Unfortunately due to the Crow’s Nest Re-Imagination, this beach cam will be unavailable until Winter 2022.

The Mucky Duck Beach Cam – Captiva Webcam

We love the Mucky Duck for its fantastic location in the village at the beach. The Mucky Duck Mucky Duck Beach Cam View can help you to check if it is worth driving up to Captiva to have a drink and sunset at the Mucky Duck. The Mucky Duck Beach Cam is also great to watch storms and big waves hitting the beach or checking out water sports activities. Another advantage of this beach cam is the fact that it is relative close to the beach compared to the one at Tween Waters as the beach in the village is much more narrow.

Watch the Mucky Duck Beach Cam here.

South Seas Island Resort Webcams – Captiva Webcam

South Seas Island Resort is a gem at the North end of Captiva Island. Protected by a gate, its access is limited to guests and homeowners.  To check out if this could be your next vacation spot,  three live feeds help you to make your choice.  

With the three different locations at the main pool, on the beach, or the weeding lawn facing North Captiva Island and Redfish Pass each camera helps you develop a little feeling of the unique location at Lands End and of all the resort has to offer.  

South Seas Beach Cam on Captiva Island

South Seas’ Beach Cam is the most Northern beach view of Captiva Island. It faces South Sea’s main beach and gives you a great feel of the current wind situation. The reason is that you can watch the palm trees and blue umbrellas moving in the warm Floridian air. 

Because this South Seas Beach cam is located just south of the golf course on the resort’s private beach, you can get a great feel if it makes sense to go for a round of golf at their beautiful nine holes course. Some days the storm is so strong that you need three or four clubs more for your usual distance.

Watch South Seas’ Beach Cam here.

South Seas Kings Crown Webcam on Captiva Island

The King’s Crown is South Seas premier facility at The North End of the resort. It is a dream spot for indoor and outdoor meetings or events like weddings. The King’s Crown Cam overlooks Redfish Pass and Pine Island Sound. Unfortunately big palm trees block most of the view but you can see the dock in the distance and maybe a glimpse of a wedding or other event going on at this prime spot. In the distance you can also see the south end of North Captiva Island.

Watch South Seas’ King’s Crown Cam here

South Seas Island Resort’s  Pool Webcam – Captiva Webcam

South Seas’ Pool Cam is probably the most fun Captiva webcam. The reason is that it gives you a real feel of vacation on the island. With palms, pool and Redfish Pass the camera covers what South Seas and Captiva Island represent – a little piece of heaven in beautiful and healthy Florida. During your stay in paradise you know that you are always safe. Compared to other beach destinations Lee County and Florida in general have an amazing emergency infrastructure that gives you and especially your family peace of mind. On Captiva Island the sheriff is your friend, the fire department is always happy to get a call and Fort Myers provides great medical Urgent Care Fort Myers – (healthylifestyleflorida.com)

Watch South Seas’ Pool Cam here

A Word from healthylifestyleflorida.com

Captiva Island webcams provide entertainment and information about weather conditions on the island. If you are interested in getting more information regarding hazardous events or boat safety tips, check the Captiva Fire Department website. Safety comes first!

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