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Can You Text 911?

can you text 911

Lee County Florida`s latest Service Upgrade

Are you wondering if you can text 911? There might be moments in life when texting 911 can save lives. The reason is that due to a speed or hearing impairment or threat speaking has become impossible. Therefore, it is super important to know your options.

Can You Text 911 in Lee County Florida?

Lee County Florida has recently upgraded its emergency services. As a result, it is possible to text 911 in Lee County Florida.

When To Text 911

There are three common situations when you can text 911:

  • During an emergency when it is unsafe to make a phone call.
  • ​If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech disability.
  • ​In a medical emergency when you are unable to speak on the phone

How To Text 911 in Lee County Florida?

1. “Type 911 in the text message “To” field. 

2. Do not send a group text.

3. Include your exact location & type of emergency.

4. Press the “Send” button.

5. Answer any questions you receive.

6. Follow instructions if they’re given.

7. Avoid abbreviations, pictures, videos, slang & emojis.

8. Keep messages to 160 characters or less.”

What To Know About Texting 911?

Lee County Public Safety answers most questions around their new services on their website.We quote some important ones. 

“Will text to 911 work on a Lifeline phone?

This depends on the services you have on the phone. If there is no text service on the phone, there is no text to 911. This is the same for all wireless phones. The mobile device you text from requires a mobile phone number with a wireless carrier which allows the device to send and receive text messages.

What do I do while help is on the way?

Stay in the conversation just as you would stay on the line during a voice call. Do not delete the texts or turn off your phone until the call taker tells you it’s time.

What if I’m in a moving vehicle?

You are tracked as you move between cell tower locations. You will remain connected to the emergency call center until the text conversation is released by the 911 call taker.

Is texting faster than calling 911?

No. Voice calls are a better way to request help during an emergency. Call takers get a great deal of information from background noise, changes in voice and breathing, and other sounds. Also, there are longer delays when you are texting. Speaking is more efficient than writing, sending, and receiving texts.”

A Word From healthylifestyleflorida.com

Our need for safety gets bigger with age. Especially for people living on their own, emergency services are super important. Thus, we recommend to set up emergency services and get familiar with your local options. Lee County Florida is a very advanced county and also offers telehealth and hospital at home services.

In addition, make yourself familiar with common urgent care services,  local hospitals and senior services.

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