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Bone Marrow Breathing – All You Need To Know

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Are you suffering from osteoporosis and are desperately seeking for ideas how to strengthen your bones? Then, bone marrow breathing might be something for you. 

What is Bone Breathing?

Bone breathing (or marrow washing) is a technique to strengthen the bones. Furthermore, it helps to reduce stress, boosts revitalization and energy levels. Some people report that it improves sleep, strengthens your immunity and improves your overall well-being. The beauty is that it can be practiced anytime and is easy to learn.

When practicing bone breathing one performs deep nasal breathing while focusing attention on different parts of the skeleton. You might be surprised to learn that studies of women practicing qigong showed increased bone density. That is even more surprising when you consider that qigong is extremely low intensity and offers no loading on bones. Yoga, which offers some bone loading, has similar positive results.

Who invented Bone Breathing

“Mantak Chia is considered one of the foremost Taoist masters alive today. He has introduced many important Taoist teachings to the West — like Bone Marrow Nei Kung — and has made this wisdom accessible to the general public.”

Testimonial For Bone Breathing

“In the early 1980’s, Mantak Chia had an American student in Los Angeles, California who was plagued with rapidly deteriorating bone mass from osteoporosis. Specialists in Western medicine tried everything within their arsenal, to no avail — and the disease continued to progress at an alarming rate. The prognosis was bleak: collapse of the spine, threatening the nervous system with paralysis or even death.

After enrolling in the bone breathing class taught by Chia, the student began a daily practice. It involved 3 hours of continuously “washing” her skeletal system, with what is referred to as the subtle breath in Taoism.

Within half a year, not only was the bone loss arrested, but it began to reverse. She gained an impressive 10% bone mass during the six month period. Her physicians were astounded. At the end of five years of diligent practice, she had replaced 100% of her bone mass without any symptoms of osteoporosis.”

Best Bone Marrow Breathing Guided Meditation 

There are many guided bone breathing meditations available. This is our favorite meditation that will take you through a powerful internal practice. This is based on the ancient art of Taoist life-force cultivation. 

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