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Blind Pass Bridge

Sunset near blind pass bridge

Blind Pass Bridge connects the Islands of Captiva and Sanibel in Lee County, Florida. It is a landmark of both Islands and the only way to get to Captiva Island by car.

Blind Pass Bridge Fishing

Blind Pass is one of the best and most popular fishing spots on Sanibel and Captiva Island. The fishing is also renowned with sharks in the summer, tailing redfish on the bayside flats and snook under and off the Blind Pass bridge. Many local guides take their guests there. Because parking lots close after sunset, fishing in the evening is limited to local residents and their guests. Be prepared to run into Lee County Sheriffs who ensure that bikers, beach visitors and fishermen all stay safe. Furthermore, make sure you have a fishing license and check which fish you are allowed to catch! Make sure you also try to fish from the beaches under the bridge! This is much easier and can be far more rewarding. 

Blind Pass Bridge History

The first Blind Pass bridge was built in 1918. Before then a county ferry crossed the pass in 1911. According to the Captiva Historic Society the old wooden Blind Pass Bridge was replaced by a concrete structure in 1955. Check the the Historic Gallery for old pictures located at the Captiva Public Library on Chapin Lane.

Today, a new modern bridge built in the 1980s, spans the narrow pass. There is an extra lane for walkers and bikers. Blind pass bridge is also a fantastic spot for sunsets.

Blind Pass Myths

There are plenty of stories around Blind Pass Bridge. For centuries, the pass was known as a place where ships would go to die. The reason is the shallow depth and the strong currents. As a result, shipwrecks were common, and many lives were lost. Others claim that the famous Spanish pirate Gaspar would capture women and they stayed close to where the Blind Pass Bridge is today.

Blind Pass Sand

Since Captiva’s last beach renourishment the waters under the Blind Pass Bridge have started to fill with tons of sand again. Currently, no motorized boat can go under the Blind Pass bridge anymore.

Beach at Blind Pass Bridge

Check here for more information on Turner Beach located on both sites of the bridge!

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Take a ride to Blind Pass Bridge or sunset or even breakfast. You will love what you can be!

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