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Best Sanibel/Captiva Fitness Ideas

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Are you looking to find the best Sanibel fitness ideas? If you are interested in leading a healthy and happy lifestyle you might be curious to find out what other residents do. There is probably no doubt that golfing and walking are some of the most popular activities on our islands. Especially the beautiful warm weather empowers many Floridians to be active all year round. But as soon as the hurricane seasons starts and the hot, humid and rainy weather begins, residents start looking at Florida health club options. 

In our series on how to stay fit on Sanibel we will introduce you to different fitness ideas. The reason is that we don’t believe in one size fits all. 

Working Out At The Sanibel Health Club

Our series on Sanibel Island Fitness options starts at the Sanibel Health Club. The Sanibel Island gym on Rabbit Road (also called Sanibel health Club) is the only private health club besides the one at the Sanctuary Golf Club

The Sanibel Health Club is the preferred location for many residents. Here we start our series on best Sanibel/Captiva Island fitness ideas. We are invited to meet Captiva resident, business man and CEPD chairman Rene Miville and his instructor friend Anders Mossberg. At the Sanibel health Club both get after hour access to the gym. The island gym offers this great benefit to their long term members.

Best Sanibel Fitness Idea – Private Training With Anders Mossberg

Anders Mossberg is a former CEO and Swedish professional athlete. His kindness and passion for fitness let him inspire others to live a fit and healthy lifestyle on Sanibel and Captiva Island.

We hope these videos inspire you to find your own way to leading a fit lifestyle in Florida. Also consider enjoying a nice massage after working out. Here is where to get massage therapy on Sanibel and Captiva. Have the courage to start today – you will love what you can be.

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