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Are looking to buy the best pemf device for home use? We tested if the Sanza PEMF home device can make you fitter and healthier.

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us the need  of being fit and resilient. The reason that we have learnt that medication is not always available when we need it. 

Thus, at home wellness and fitness solutions are on the rise. Sanza healthcare has never sold more pemf devices before. That is one of the reasons why we wanted to find out if their product might be the best pemf device for home use. Since going to the doctor has become a potential risk for catching the dangerous virus, staying fit and healthy seems to be the way to go.

So adding our own pulsed electromagnetic field device can be an interesting home-based approach. Better cell fitness, more relaxation, more energy and a stronger immune system are a valuable promise.

Product Info

The Sanza PEMF device is available with a mat (10 to 100 micro tesla) and  a cushion (10  to 300  micro tesla) for the basic version and with a rod (10 to 1,250 micro tesla) and Helmholtz coils (10 to 10,000 micro tesla). 

The mat is designed for general use whereas mat, rod and Helmholtz are used for treatment of injuries and repair of degenerative changes.

No other company offers this wide range of micro Tesla. Another unique feature is that the Sanza device offers different waveforms whereas most other companies only offer one wave forms.

Optional is a biofrequency application/TENS system. This is designed to strengthen the immune system against viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. There are different chips available:

Chip 1: Lymph-cardio/lymph-heart-circulation – supports the heart and blood system

Chip 2: pain-detox – supports the nervous system

Chip 3: Infections, Allergies

Chip 4: Chronic Inflammations like rheumatism

Chip 5: Dental/Teeth/Mouth conditions like to induce a healthy oral flora for example

Chip 6: Uro-genital conditions

Chip 7: Burnout conditions like chronic fatigue.

Test 1 “The Best PEMF DEVICE FOR HOME USE”: Set Up

What do you get? The basic version contains the mat, cushion, bag power supply and a manual. We also ordered the Hand electrodes for Bio Frequency including Chips 1-4. (around $6,500)

What’s the setup process like?”Device came in a big box. Set up is extremely easy. Here is also a video. 

How does it fit into your living space? “It looks nice and like a blanket on a chair. It doesn’t take up too much space at all and the little machine can easily be put in a closet.”

Test 2: Choosing an Option

What does it take to start up? Press the green start button and make your choice.

What’s the best option?

We decided to test the Sanza pemf device for four weeks. In addition, we treated two people. A 55 years old male colleague for a hand that is suffering from arthritis and a  47 years old female who wanted to strengthen her immune system and overall well-being.

Option 1 – Female For More Immune Strength and More Well-Being

In the morning: Vital program and chip 1 on the mat

Before going to bed: Relax program and chip 2 on the mat

Option 2 – Male For More Arthritis Treatment and More Well-Being

In the morning: Acute program and hand on the mat

Before going to bed: Relax program and hand on the mat

Test 3 “The Best PEMF DEVICE FOR HOME USE”: User Experience

Both colleagues had a very positive experience. (For more pemf reviews click here.) No side effects were reported. Both could integrate very easily into their daily routines as they could do something else at the same time. 

The arthritis pain and stiffness had decreased significantly after week 2 and our male colleague felt much fitter. Same was reported by our female colleague who was able to restart daily physical exercise after week 2. 

Test 4: Assessing Value

Is it worth it? For whom? Great investment for every company. Great for people`s general energy level  and can consistently be used during work with investing an absolute minimum of time. Also interesting to treat certain conditions like pain due to an injury. User manual gives easy advice on which program to choose.  Thus it’s a keeper! We also look at this as an investment in one’s self-care, which is critical to daily functioning. In addition, our telehealth doc thinks it is a stunning little device. 

What about for you? “Personally, I enjoy having the autonomy of doing something for  my well-being without having to go to a gym or clinic. Variety of programs for nearly every condition turns it into an interesting device for complementary therapy


Tough to make a call to say that Sanza is the best pemf device for you without taking individual needs and budget into account. If you’ve got a good grasp of where to increase your well-being and/or health it is a good investment. A bit of enthusiasm and a sense of self-care. is  all you need to get started. More energy and less pain will keep you motivated. 

Ultimately, if it were up to us, we’d order sooner than later  — and spend the cash saved on a sweet vacation to show off your better condition.

Antje Diana Baumgarten

Antje Diana Baumgarten

I believe that the things we do and the products we use determine our lifestyle. Whether your ultimate goal is to optimize your health, fitness or well-being. I introduce you to content that has the true potential to make a significant difference to how we live, love, perform, learn, look, exercise, travel, relax, sleep, work and more.