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I believe that the things we do and the products we use determine our lifestyle. Whether your ultimate goal is to optimize your health, fitness or well-being. I introduce you to content that has the true potential to make a significant difference to how we live, love, perform, learn, look, exercise, travel, relax, sleep, work and more.

Money Mindset – How to Improve It

A money mindset is a manifestation of your attitudes, beliefs and emotions regarding money. A positive money mindset allows you to make smart investment and business decisions. Furthermore, it enables you to connect with similar minded people and guides you in positive directions. In addition, a positive money mindset allows you to feel confident about …

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Banking strategies for growth

Banking Strategies for Growth

Banking strategies for growth should be checked before making a stock investment in the banking industry. The reason is that the banking industry itself is a very mature industry which has usually limited growth potential. Management Consulting Firms like Mckinsey or Deloitte make their money giving plenty of theoretical advice about banking strategies for growth. …

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picture of captiva beach

Captiva Beach Renourishment

The first Captiva Island beach renourishment project took place in 1961. It consisted of placing 107,000 cubic yards of sand in conjunction with the construction of 134 groins. Unfortunately, most of the groins constructed then have either since been removed, buried or destroyed. Responsibility For The Captiva Beach Renourishment The Captiva Erosion Prevention District (CEPD) …

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fort myers golf communities

Fort Myers Golf Communities – The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the best Fort Myers Golf Community? Check this list which contains most of them in alphabetical order! Colonial Country Club – 239-768-9421 9181 Independence Way, Fort Myers Location: East of I-75, 13 miles to Florida Southwest International Airport Neighborhood stats: According to “Colonial Country Club is an area in Fort …

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incapacity in letters

Incapacity Planning Florida – An Act of Self-Care

What Is Incapacity? Oxford Languages Defined as “physical or mental inability to do something or to manage one’s affairs.”  Common Reasons for Incapacity Physical illness or impairment like a stroke Mental illness or mood disorders. Substance abuse issues, Other cognitive, sensory, physical or degenerative impairment like Alzheimers  Why Incapacity Planning?  Manage your biggest fears  Fear …

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