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What is a family office concierge

What Is a Family Office Concierge?

A family office concierge serves a family beyond all their financial needs. Luxury concierge services include: Organizing luxury lifestyle experiences like a golf trip around the world. Luxury travel options including special services for minors and handicapped. Private boxes Private jet coordination Coordinated home service options like staff and relocation services Planning and supervising caregiving …

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Faamouse Sports Celebrities in Southwest Florida

Famous Sports Celebrities In Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida’s beautiful beaches and sports facilities attract famous sports celebrities and professional sports teams. The Twins baseball teams for example were celebrating their 30th anniversary of Spring Training baseball in Lee County in 2021. One of the reasons is that the mild and warm weather creates the perfect training environment. But there are more …

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Bone Breathing

Bone Marrow Breathing Guided Meditation

Are you suffering from osteoporosis and are desperately seeking for ideas how to strengthen your bones? Then, bone marrow breathing might be something for you.  What is Bone Breathing? Bone breathing (or marrow washing) is a technique to strengthen the bones. Furthermore, it helps to reduce stress, boosts revitalization and energy levels. Some people report …

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Captiva Beach renourishment

Captiva Beach Renourishment

The first Captiva Island beach renourishment project took place in 1961. It consisted of placing 107,000 cubic yards of sand in conjunction with the construction of 134 groins. Unfortunately, most of the groins constructed then have either since been removed, buried or destroyed. Responsibility For The Captiva Beach Renourishment The Captiva Erosion Prevention District (CEPD) …

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Are you suffering of pain and trying to find out the difference of pemf vs tens? Then, don`t look any further. Because many people suffering from chronic pain have the same question we prepared this blog to give you the most important facts. While PEMF and TENS are both complementary treatment options here is how …

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Osteoprosis Statistics Florida

Osteoporosis Statistics Florida

Are you living in Florida and worried about osteoporosis? Then, you might be surprised that osteoporosis statistics Florida indicate that people living down South often have significant risk of vitamin d deficiency and need their physician to monitor their vitamin D status.  Why Do Women Underestimate Their Osteoporosis Risk?  According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation …

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