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8 Things Never To Say To Someone with Dementia

8 things to never say to 8 Things Never To Say To Someone with Dementia

There are some things you should never say to someone with dementia. Especially, if you are trying to be kind, loving and patient to someone with dementia? Then you should make sure to remember our list of 8 things never to say to someone with dementia. The reason is that it can trigger their pain and make them depressed about their own situation. As a result, your relationship only gets worse which makes you even more sad. Thus, we encourage you to be mindful of the words you choose. 

Here is our list with 8 things to never say to someone with dementia, and words to choose instead.

The Number 1 Thing To never Say To Someone Who has Dementia: “You’re wrong”

Why this matters: It is impossible to convince a dementia patient. Instead, you get the person upset and risk a confrontation.

What to say instead: Remember the person doesn`t say this on purpose. Try to change the topic or a warm touch instead.

The Number 2 Thing To never Say To Someone Who has Dementia: “Do you remember” (regarding short term events)

Why this matters: As forgetfulness is the most common symptom of dementia, this question will only trigger embarrassment. As a result, the person can get angry. 

What to say instead: Start a conversation about a topic that happened a longtime ago and watch how the other person might react.

Number 3: “This person is not around anymore.”

Why this matters: Dementia patients are emotionally very vulnerable. As a result, your comment could trigger additional grief. In addition, they would forget after a while anyway.

What to say instead: When a question like this occurs, the dementia patient can be very upset. The reason is that they are angry or scared because they haven’t seen that specific friend or family member for a will. Tell them the other person will be back soon and is fine. Another option is to check why this person hasn’t shown up lately. 

The Number 4 Thing To Never Say To Someone Who Has Dementia: “You have asked me that already.”

Why this matters: Besides being emotionally unstable, dementia patients are very insecure. The reason is that they sense that something is wrong with them. Your answer would only reinforce this upsetting emotion.

What to say instead: Try to be patient and be prepared to repeat your answer many times. 

The Number 5 Thing To Never Say To Someone Who Has Dementia: “What Would You Like To Eat?”

Why this matters: Keep in mind that once a specific food is served, the dementia patient cannot remember. As a result, you can get very frustrated yourself. Instead, make a choice based on healthy foods and their past preferences.

What to say instead: Let`s have some ……. I really feel like eating that today. This way, the other person doesn`t have to make a choice.

Number 6: “Avoid long Sentences”

Why this matters:Long sentences are too hard to remember. The reason is that dementia patients find it easier to focus on a single task.

What to say instead: Let’s get dressed. This is an inclusive sentence that is relatively easy to follow. In addition, it doesn’t tell the dementia patient what to do as it includes you.

The Number 7 Thing To Never Say To Someone Who Has Dementia: “Never talk about a dementia patient in front of others”

Why this matters:This is mainly a matter of respect. A lack of respect can trigger anger and make the other person aggressive.

What to say instead: Leave the room or let the other person try to answer for themselves.

The Number 8 Thing To Never Say To Someone Who Has Dementia: You cannot do this….”

Why this matters:Dementia patients have a very strong sense of what they want to do. Telling them that they are not allowed to do something only creates aggression.

What to say instead: Try to change the topic. When you see that the person wants to leave the house, say: Could you please be so kind and help me….”

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