12 Best Horse Racing Board Games 

horse racong board games

Horse racing board and card games are so much fun for all age and skill players. The game is not only straightforward, but also involves every player much more than just watching horse racing life or on TV: Horse racing board games are ideal when your horses are on winter break to keep you entertained off track.

We spent hours researching and playing the best horse racing board games for you. No matter, if you are looking for a traditional wooden horse racing game set, one fancy looking one with metal horses or something exquisite and antique as a gift, we have you covered.

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#1 Kentucky Horse Derby – Selfie Scavenger Hunt Game 

For the Kentucky Horse Derby – Selfie Scavenger Hunt game every person or team has to complete certain challenges. It is designed for players 12 years and up who need to take selfies to prove they completed a task. For every completed task one gets a point. At the end of the party the player or team who has the most points wins. To keep the fun for the Horse Race Game set a time limit and see who can complete most of the challenges.

The game comes in a set of 12 and is printed on heavy cards stock and is shaped like a horse.

#2 Kentucky Horse Derby Gamerific Bundle – Horse Racing Board Games

Kentucky Horse Derby Gamerific Bundle INCLUDES 4 horse race games with 10 game cards per each game. Each game card is printed with easy-to-follow game instructions. For added fun, make each game extra competitive by adding a time limit and offering a prize to the winning party guest.

#3 Tabletop Horse Racing with 2 Dice and Dry Erase Scoreboard

Choose your horse and roll the dice to dash towards the finish; the dice roll determines which corresponding horse moves forward with each horse having the same probability of winning. Set includes 1 derby dash game board, 11 numbered race horses, 2 dice, 1 game piece pouch and dry erase scoreboard. Great game for a Kentucky Derby party and as a family game. Kids love it!

#4 The Racing Horse Game Light Brown – Best Horse Racing Board Games For Kids

The Racing Horse Game is a game full of fun and exciting moments targeted at kids 6 to 15 years. Children move their horses along a single track. The move is determined by the roll of the dice. Whoever holds the cards that match the number of the first horse to reach the end of the track wins.

#5 Photo Finish Horse Track Racing Board Game

Photo Finish Racing merges strategy with rolls of the dice to provide a realistic horse racing experience. Each player must “jockey” his or her horse around the track and every dice roll offers opportunities to impact the race result.

#6 Derby Horse Race (Decision Derby) Battery Powered

Six colorful horses race straight ahead and a mechanical winning post flags the winners. Hit the switch and lift the starting gate to watch the unpredicable action. The retro race works by gently vibrating the brown lanes as the horses proceed forward. 

#7 Grand National Horse Race Game

This is an awesome game for the whole family and for a large number of people to be able to play together. It includes horse s, a custom deck of cards, wooden dice and instructions. The Horses have weight and classy box will hold up for years. Overall a game that is worth the higher price.

#8 Wooden Horse Race Game with Dice, Cards and Chips

This game is fun and provides great exposure to learning about racing, advancing ahead and placing bets on chance and circumstance. It is something the whole family can enjoy together. Recommended for ages 6 and up. he game comes complete with instructions on how to play and is easy to learn. You can also customize the rules for the number of players. Use the un-numbered chips as basic betting currency, or substitute with real money or poker chips to add to the excitement.

#9 Racing Board Game with Luxurious Durable Metal Horses

This is a great well made game. It is great to play with friends. The board game is suitable for all ages. The betting makes it a riot for adults. The game board is very sturdy and the metal horses are easy to move.

#10 HomeStretch Race to the Finish

Buy your own stable of horses and race them at various courses. Bet on horses to win, place, or show, and collect big race purses when your horse wins. More than twenty unique track cards are included in Homestretch, so every game will be different. Luck and skill in picking the winning horses can bring you riches. Homestretch is a fast-paced family game that will have you shouting for your horse to make it across the finish line.

#11 Horse Racing Dice Game

The game is made up of five dice with a Horse where the 1 should be and 2 through 6 spots on the other 5 sides. Objective is to have your horse be the first to cross the finish line. Rules are included.

#12 Horse-Opoly Board Game

This horse-opoly game is not a traditional horse racing board game. But it encourages horse play.  Buy your favorite horses, then collect Bales of Straw and trade them in for Barns. As you play, turn over the deeds to learn interesting facts about each horse. One of the best rated horse games on Amazon.com.

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